Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things that made me smile this week.

  •  Reagan's world

  • Lazy Days

  • Fitting COMFORTABLY into a pair of my "skinny" pre-prego jeans
  • Evening bbq's outside with my sweet family

  • The bold red nail polish on my fingers
  • Jax learning how to CLAP. He enjoys patti-cake & if you're happy and you know it 
  • Reagan calling me Ashlie all day yesterday. {this is not allowed anymore, but I couldn't help but smile listening to her call me by my actual name}
  • The Swing

  • Bathing Suits

  • Freshly painted chubby toes
  • Reagan learning how to ride her Tri-cycle around the backyard all by herself.
  •  Putting Jax outside while we eat dinner & letting him MAKE A MESS.
  •  Watching these TWO play together.
  •  Ordering at "Reagan's Kitchen". It's counter service & she will make anything your little heart desires.

Summer is upon us (well technically in about a week) & we are thoroughly enjoying the warm outdoors with lots of play dates & outings :)

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