Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Jax!

So little man had his 9 month check up yesterday. Yes, he is almost 10 months old. We are just a tad behind schedule.

Any who, here are that stats.

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz {this puts him between 5-10 percentile.... in other words out of 100 babies he is only bigger than 5}

Height: 2' 3.5" {about 16th percentile}

He is a very healthy boy. A little on the small side. What can you expect. He doesn't come from ginormous parents. He's bound to be (should I even say it!?).... petite.

We are still working on him to eat food (solids). Pretty much gave up on the mushy stuff & have been offering "real" solids. He has taken a liking to watermelon, avocados {like his sis}, french fries (don't worry, this is on RARE occasion), cheerios, puffs, animal crackers, & just recently shredded cheddar cheese. So much for all of the organic (spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples/pears, parsnips) homemade baby food I spent time making. The doc did say that I can give him ANYTHING aside from honey. I'm thinking of trying out eggs & some pieces of turkey meat. Wish me luck :)
Behavioral Study @ UC Davis Medical Center
On a different note, this kid is a pacifier junky. I'm starting to think we should wean him soon. Not completely. Just give him the paci during naps & night night time. I have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier {along with other things/people}. It's a life saver during teething, which according to my hubs is ALL THE TIME. But, I DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT want this kid to be one of those 3 year olds with a plug in his mouth.
He is crawling ALL over the place. Like a 3 legged dog. It is quite hilarious & I find myself laughing at him. His favorite sneak aways are Reagan's room, the front bathroom {ewww!! I make sure I shut the door now}, & getting into the cupboards in the kitchen. He's fast!! And, he is pulling himself up on anything he can get his little hands on. I've debated baby proofing... but what would that teach him!?
I love you Jackson Boy!
And, so does Daddy :)

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