Thursday, June 30, 2011

Try not to be overwhelmed.

Finally... A down day. Don't get me wrong. I.LOVE.TO.GO. but, it is nice to have a minute to catch my breath.
 So let me get you caught up on what we have been up to.

Last weekend we had a fun food & play filled day at the park with our church. When Reagan wasn't playing in the sandbox she was running around with her girlfriend Faith giggling like little school girls. She even got to kick the ball (once) during the kick ball game.

Saturday evening we were blessed to have our dear friends, The Howards, stay with us. They have an adorable chunky monkey 4 month old little girl, Tynlee. We really enjoyed their company & always say that it is never long enough.

Here are a few photos from Sunday at church.

The Sunday school class singing

Reagan slept all through lunch time

Tynlee, Jessica, Reagan, Me, & Jax
Jax's new favorite thing is playing in his BIG sister's room. They are so sweet together.
My niece, Abbey, is visiting from Georgia. She got to come out 2 weeks early (because of good grades) before her Mom & brother. We got to have her stay with us Monday through Wednesday & BOY.WERE.WE.BUSY!
Chatting with Cousin Abbey

Fresh & clean

Girl Time- Painting our nails

So pretty

Mmmm.... dessert :)

We laughed at Jax's melt down

Look at that sweet face
Tuesday I had play group so Abbey got to tag along. She made strawberry jam for the very FIRST time.

After our jam making session we headed over to The Fountains to meet up with one of my girlfriends & her little girl Alyssa.The girls played & we had lunch at Whole Foods.
Every time we go to Whole Foods, Reagan HAS to get a yogurt.
Reagan & Alyssa

Wednesday we had ANOTHER play group. Poor Abbey... all of these little kids! She was such a trooper & a GREAT help. We started off at Rebecca's GORGEOUS new home. It was so nice to sit outside while drinking a hot cup of coffee & chat for a couple of hours with the ladies. I didn't want to bore Ab's too much so we headed over to the mall around noon for some shopping & lunch.
Lunch from Rubios

Cone Heads :)
 The view from Rebecca's back porch is breathtaking. The goats/sheep were passing by constantly. So fun for the kids to watch.
The amazing view from Rebecca's back yard

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Jessica said...

How fun Ashlie! I loved this post :) Looks like you have had a great week!! Can't wait to hang out again!!!!