Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's not always butterflies & roses.

This is NOT so wordless Wednesday

This is some of the Momma's from my Mommy Group. Aren't they lovely!? These ladies are fabulous & they help me keep it together when I have days like these (we'll get to that soon)...

Wednesday is Mommy Group. So what do you know!? We had a play date today. Rebecca invited us all over to celebrate Luke's 3rd birthday {I ENJOY going to her home. SO.RELAXING}.

This morning was TRYING.

Remember how I said Reagan has an ear infection? Yeah, not going so well. I have to put 4 drops of this darn medicine in her ears 3x's a day. Sounds easy, right!? NO. A BIG FAT NO.

It's like pulling teeth to get this {semi-sweet} little girl to sit still. She keeps telling me the drops hurt & protested not to have them. So I battled with her. She has to take them. Doctors orders. No IF, ANDS, OR BUTS! I pulled out everything I had... bribes for candy, chocolate milk, cartoons/movie, not going to play group, calling Daddy, & a few others. It was pure torture for the both of us. Eventually, I had to pull the sneak appoach {while scratching her arm}. She was VERY UPSET. sigh. Oh well. It had to be done. And again for 7 more days. JUST.SHOOT.ME.NOW.

So after all that was said & done {along with the baking of some Monkey Bread}, we headed to play group. Jax proceeded to get into EVERYTHING & stick EVERYTHING in his mouth. Reagan was great UNTIL... we had to leave. MELTDOWN.CITY. {I did, however, enjoy some nice convo with the mommas} They (the rugrats) were both VERY ready for naps when we got in the car.

A day like this, definitely called for a special stop, on the way home, to get a BIG.DIET.COKE.

Reagan is testing my patience today. Blame it on the ear infection if you will, but I just might SCREAM, YELL, HIT SOMETHING {not the kids, don't worry}! The sass starts early. There's been spitting. Some talking back. Oh boy, I'm in for it come the teenage years. YIKES!

Diet Coke, Monkey Bread, Momma time... you are just what I needed.

SO after my ranting & venting, I leave you with some cute photos of my sweet angel children.

And BTW, my Jax is 11 months old today. It's going quick! {& not thinking about baby #3 anytime soon}


Gina said...

I know how she feels- even as an adult I HATE having to put drops in my ears. It isn't a hurt but a gross feeling to me. I hope she gets better soon and adjusts a little better to the drops.

Faith said...

I've never heard of putting drops in the ears when the kiddos have the ear infection- just antibiotics! Hope she feels better soon!! Omigosh- I have days like hose too, and some days, I don't have the ear infection as the excuse!