Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seriously Thursday.

SERIOUSLY who watched Bachelor Pad!? Does anyone else want to SMACK Vienna in the face?? Or maybe it's just me. She is overboard annoying! And, what's up with Jake!? I'm pretty sure he is a manipulative jerk. Again, this could just be me. I have to admit, I will be watching again next week. & while we are on the topic, seriously 3 hours long!?

If I see another vehicle with a naked woman or those cut out stickers of naked women, I.AM.GOING.TO.SCREAM. Gag!!! Seriously people? WHITE TRASH.

I am SERIOUSLY super duper excited about the littles back to back birthday parties. Stressed? YES! Crazy planning Momma over here.

Reagan, YOU.HAVE.TO.TAKE.YOUR.MEDICINE. Quit fighting me! I don't enjoy holding you down while you scream like I'm torturing you. Seriously, it's for your own good.

I SERIOUSLY want {stress on the want, don't actually need, YET} a mini van. Go ahead, LAUGH. But, I do!


Gina said...

Bachelor pad UGH!!! Vienna has driven me crazy since the bachelor! And really she's with Casey?! And I hope it isn't 3 hours every week! And was Jake stupid to give her that rose?! Stop trying to be noble!! I used to like him but now he is making me mad. They are both fame whores!!

Danielle said...

Vienna gets on my nerves!!!!

The Lung Family said...

I haven't had a chance to watch B. Pad yet, but I can't wait (eww 3 hours)....Jake and Vienna in the same place....yeah buddy!!