Monday, August 8, 2011

Mama called the Doctor & the doctor said...

Last night my bedroom floor & I became best friends. It was my safe sanctuary away from a kick in the face from a certain little someone.

So yesterday Braden went to go pick up his truck from work & was going to meet us for evening services at church. FINE & DANDY. Until....

I realized he has Jax's car seat! UGH!!! I tried calling him about a bazillion times & got no answer. Then tried his mom. Sister. No answer!! Everyone's phone were on silent from church that morning. Just my luck!

Anyway throughout all of this, Reagan was having freak outs. And, at some point right as we were ready to leave it dawned on me. SHE HAS AN EAR INFECTION.  We were stuck at home & that was fine since Reago wasn't feeling good.

She would have these random sharp pains in her ear {which she cried & cried} & then they would go away and she'd be back to doing whatever it is she was up to. It was Sunday so I figured I'd see how things went & make an appointment with the doc in the AM. They only got WORSE. WAY WORSE!

5 hours from the initial start of her ear ache, she was in excruciating pain. BREAK MY HEART. Braden & I just took turns holding her. I would scratch her arm or legs {which she asked me to do :) } or we would sing a song {her choice: "If You're Happy & You Know It"}. Bra had gotten her some pain relieving ear drops {the pharmacists recommendation}, but those didn't seem TO.DO.ANYTHING.

Finally, I had to have him go pick up some children's Tylenol {we only had infants}. Once we got those tablets in her it took a GOOD LONG 15 mins for them to set in. SHE.FINALLY.RELAXED!

There was lots of getting up in the middle of the night. Hence, my sleeping on the floor.


My poor baby girl was in so much pain & there was nothing I could do about it. {When she is upset she puts her hand over her mouth with a terrified look in her eyes. This happened A LOT.} I thought {while walking her around & comforting her}, I can't even FATHOM what some parents go through with their children. I was definitely grateful that we were only dealing with an ear ache. Although, it is always rough to see your sweet little one hurting.

So we went to the doc this morning, got a prescription, & hopefully will be better within 10 days.

Finally getting some well needed rest after a LONG night


Gina said...

aww poor girl! i hope she feels better soon!

Edwin and Jess said...

Poor thing! I hope you ALL get more sleep tonight!

Faith said...

aww poor little girl!!! hope she feels better soon and hope you guys catch some zzz's soon as well!