Sunday, August 7, 2011

Date Night!

That's right, last night was DATE NIGHT!! Oooooh La-La :)

My sweet husband lined up for the kids to spend the night at Grammy & Papa's & took his WIFEY (me) out on the town. Haha, not really. BUT, any time alone (just the two of us) is greatly welcomed.

We took advantage of the 2 for $20 deal at BJ's Brewery. And wow, do you get A LOT of food! Two salads, a big ol' honkin greasy cheesy meaty pizza, & an out of this world DELICIOUS {white chocolate} pizookie. Can you say YUM!? My stomach was definitely hurting.

AND... for only $15 more you get 2 movie tickets So, you guessed it. We made a night out of it.

It was crude, there was nudity, lots of fowl language. FUNNY, yes. Let's just say I won't advise you to go see it. I don't want to be that girl who recommended the raunchy movie.

Great time. Looking forward to the next :)


Jody said...

Glad you had a great date night! Those are definitely needed. My husband and I always make a point to do that as well.

Stew and Allison said...

Love your top! Hope you had a great night.

Jet's Journey said...

I, too, love that top!

I am looking forward to (someday) going out with T. We need a "date night!"

Mrs. C said...

I'm dying to see this movie!! Actually...I'd just be happy with a date night anywhere. lol Glad you had fun!
Mrs. C

Olga said...

LOVE date nights!!

Anonymous said...

that is a cute top! glad you guys got to go out on a date night! those are definitely a "must" every couple of weeks or so if possible!