Friday, August 5, 2011

True life: I'm a general Mommy blogger

I figured everyone's (at least 3 blogs I've checked out today!) doing it SO I might as well jump on the band wagon.Okay bloggy friends, here I go...

I'm Ashlie. Momma to some really sweet little blonde hair blue eyed munchkins.

So I pretty much ADORE & can't.get.enough.of my TWO littles
Yeah, these TWO. Aren't they PRECIOUS!?!?

I am 24 & realizing I'm getting old. :( Yikes, 25 is only a year away. What happened to being the young one!?

As soon as I graduated high school I wanted to get MARRIED. 2 years later there I was standing at the alter with one good looking man {so much for getting a college degree}.

6 months later, found out I was prego with BABY numero UNO. Pure Bliss {minus the throwing up every 10 seconds}

Both of our kiddos have president names. It didn't start off as a trend, but after two you just got to go with it.

Their names??

Reagan (definitely after the president) & Jackson (I have ALWAYS been fond of that name). The next one???
-Kennedy, Monroe, Grant, Harrison, Hayes....

SO I stay at home keeping busy with a ALMOST 3 year old & an ALMOST 1 year old {yeah, they are pretty much exactly 2 years apart}And let me tell ya, that's WORK (fun work, but WORK).

I LOVE my Mommy Group

I enjoy:
-rocking out to music {sometimes not the most wholesome} with the windows rolled down.
-Venti Iced Soy Chai Lattes.... a bit ADDICTED (especially when prego)
-Summer dress
-ALL things girlie & PINK PINK PINK 

I've never gotten a speeding ticket {just two fender benders, maybe 3?}

I definitely have road rage.

I am OBSESSED (maybe to the extreme) with photo taking. AND not just my camera photos, PROFESSIONAL photos. Take a look...

I deeply LOVE my little family with everything I have. They are MY.WHOLE.WORLD. 

That's ehh.... a little about me.


Jet's Journey said...


1. 25 is NOT OLD! :) You're making me feel old and I don't feel like I am!

2. Another cute name to add to the Presidential theme...Lincoln. I've always LOVED this name and lately I'm thinking it could work for a girl. No?

3. Reagan and Jax are TOO. STINKING. CUTE!

Gina said...

I am a new follower and had to comment to let you know that your kids are adorable!

And I thought the same thing when I turned 25... now I am 27 and hate filling out surveys where they ask your age group... I am grouped in with 30!!! YUCK!

I LOVE your cuties' names! And Kennedy was one of my picks when I was pregnant. I love that name!


tara said...

i just turned 25 and i feel SO OLD. ugh!! your kids are too cute! thanks for linking up!

Liz Taylor Training said...

Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I love your children's names and that is an awesome trend. I love Kennedy and Monroe so I woke those for the next baby! Oh and as everyone else is saying, your children are truly adorable. Definitely following. XO

Savanah said...

Love your kiddos names! I pick Kennedy for the next one :) And you are NOT old at 25! I'm almost 28 with NO kids!! :-/

Your babies are absolutely adorable too!!

Mrs. Monologue said...

I am 25 going on 26 and I am def. starting to feel old and serious baby fever (so finding your blog hasn't helped much...thanks!)

So glad you decided to link up! Can't wait to read more!