Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My little helper at Trader Joes
  • Saturday I received a package in the mail. If you know me, I LOVE getting things in the mail. If you want to make me happy send me ANYTHING in the mail. I'm like a little kid. Anyway... This box came for moi :)   
 A lovely thank you note was inside with 2 blankets made by Miss Aimee. What a sweetheart!! Reagan's has princesses {totally PERFECT} & Jax's is green with robots. They are too stinkin' cute & great for summer because they light weight. I have already put them to good use.
  • That afternoon we drove {an hour & a half} to Wyatt's Toy Story themed birthday party. He is about a month older than Reago.

  • Jax is getting much more confident. Maybe. Just MAYBE he will be walking in the next month. Fingers Crossed {or not}... There will be lots of chasing.

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