Friday, August 19, 2011

Long lost friends.

We are SO happy to have our friends back home. Emily & her cutie Hannah took a trip to Seattle & we missed them dearly. So yesterday a play date was a MUST.

This is the girls being "good" while the momma's shopped around {one of my absolute favorite stores} Anthropologie. I scored 2 totally gorgeous tops. One for Reago's party & the other for Jax's.
We treated the girls to Big Spoon Yogurt. Their crazy creation consisted of cheesecake bites, blueberries, reeses cups, sprinkles, m&m's, & chocolate hard hat all over Vanilla frozen yogurt.
These two are so adorably PRECIOUS!

And, to beat this wretched heat the girls pranced around {along with Jax. BUT no prancing for him}the ground water fountain.

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Faith said...

aww they are bffs!!! so sweet!!