Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fairest of them all.

Last night I went to a bow party. And, I was in {momma to a little girl} HEAVEN! Aaah.... I was overwhelmed & excited like a little kid in a candy shop.

I was so happy to get a bow to match each of Reagan's new preschool outfits {that I got for her upcoming birthday}.

The bigger the better! The frillier & colorful the cuter!

**Friend, if you are a bow hater this post is NOT for you. Move along.

For my bow loving friends, here is her website: blossomsandbows4girls

Right now I am loving all of the head bands with feathers. They're to die for, GORGEOUS!

You want to know the best part!? ....

I got 5. YES FIVE! bows for only $26. No tax. No shipping. Nada. Just nice.round.even.numbers.

Look how cute these are!


Jet's Journey said...

i swear, I wish boys wouldn't look strange in bows because those are ADORABLE.

Here's to hoping we have a girl in our (not so distant?) future. :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE his post of course! Definitely checking out those adorable bows :) I can't believe Reago is going to preschool! She will LOVE it!!!