Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jackson Eli.

 Oh how I LOVE this little boy.
 You, my Jackson Boy, are just about ready to walk. You have taken many (3-5) steps on your own, BUT when it comes to actual walking you'd rather 3-legged dog crawl. And, you know what!? That is mighty alright by your Momma. Once you get going, I know there will be NO turning back. I'll be running all over the place to keep up with you.
 You are full of giggles & lots of laughter. You can't get enough playing with Daddy, Mommy, & your sissy girl. And when you smile your eyes twinkle. I.JUST.LOVE.IT!
 You refuse to say any words. When you get hurt or are whiny Maaaaa-MA comes out of your mouth. I'm not quite sure if you know what you're saying, but I will pretend you do {because I'm your ma-ma}.
 You are most definitely a BOY. You enjoy crawling & rummaging through the dirt & grass. You throw a ball better than your sister ever could.
 On the other hand, you are STILL very sensitive. It is more effective to give you a stern look than it is to spank you. You also are not a fan of loud sounds, which can set off your sensitivity.
 You have disheveled {beautiful} blonde hair that I can not bear to get cut. I'm thinking we will have to take you in soon to avoid a mullet.
 You love to wrestle & roll on the ground with your sister.
 You are good about putting things {ie blocks} from one place to another in groups.
 You are STILL attached to your pacifier. I keep using the excuse that you are teething so you NEED it :)
This pic CRACKS me up!!

 You're a BA-BA & will not be done with them by ONE YEAR like Reago. And, THAT.IS.OKAY.
 You have 8 teeth with some currently on the way.
 You EAT food now. Like REAL FOOD & baby food.
 You sleep in your crib all night (with the exception of bottles when you wake up & cry)
 You go to bed at 7:00pm unlike your sister who always went to bed sometime between 9-10pm.
 You are ADORABLE!!!
Happy that the Lord blessed us with you & the joy we get to spend with your sweet smiles :)

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