Monday, September 12, 2011

Me Want Cookie!

Saturday was Jax's 1 year Cookie Monster bash at the park. We had about 40-45 people show up. The weather was ideal & the company was perfect.
The smash cake
Instead of cake I opted for a cookie bar. I spent the whole week baking cookies & freezing them for the party.
Here is a list of what was on the cookie bar:
White chocolate chip CHOCOLATE cookies (homemade with the help of a cake box)
Nestle Oatmeal Scotchies (homemade)
Thumbprint Cookies (homemade)
Cowgirl Cookies (homemade)
Macaroons (homemade)
Cupcakes (baked morning of)
Snack bags of mini oreos, nutter butters, & chips ahoy
Cookie Crisp Cereal

I made THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES that you will ever have in your life as favors for guest when they left. Oddly enough, I got the recipe from Braden's best man, TJ. It is his mom's recipe & he was kind enough to pass it along to me.
Lunch consisted of:
Mini croissant turkey & cheese sandwiches with lettuce & tomato (made by my mom & I)
Assorted chips
Pasta salad (tri-color spiral noodles,mini pepperonis,chopped up string cheese,kidney beans, Italian dressing)
Fruit salad (provided by my MIL) --- It was gorgeous & delicious!
Regular cola & diet cola, capri suns, & LOTS of water bottles

 The kids {& adults} had so much fun playing at the park. The weather was lovely with a slight breeze. It definitely helped that the park was covered in trees providing plenty of shade.
Daddy & Reago

Strolling with Papa Dave

Hanging out with cousin Piper

Momma's Boy

kisses for Mommy

These two love each other

Singing "Happy Birthday" & checking out the smash cake

The only FAMILY photo we got that day
Getting a little more into it...

Messy Boy

Little guy had a good birthday/birthday party {minus the fact that he wasn't feeling great}

Auntie Cecie & the munchkins

Papa Richard & Jackson Boy

I have had a great time planning over the last few months for BOTH of their birthday parties. It was stressful having them back to back, but so worth it to spend time celebrating their lives with FAMILY & FRIENDS.


Anonymous said...

aww looks like so much fun!

happy 1yr old jackson!!!

Lone Star Family said...

What a cute party!! love the cookie bar idea!