Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reagan officially turns 3.

It has been a crazy hectic & super fun few days. Reagan's actual birthday was Friday.
The girl loves sausage so I fried up some links & added them to her normal routine of plain yogurt mixed with jam. She gobbled them up & asked for more :)
 I needed to get a few things at Costco for her princess party so we met Daddy there for lunch. Reagan LOVES the grilled chicken caesar salad. I always try to talk her into the cheap hot dog, but she insists on the salad. I can't complain... she's a healthy girl.
When we asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner she eagerly said, Olive Garden {with no hesitation}. And, when you ask her what she is going to get there she happily says, SOUP & SALAD {I told you she was a healthy girl}. We met Grammy & Papa there & enjoyed a delicious dinner.
 Grammy had bought a special cake that was waiting at our house. So when we got home we whipped it out, put some candles on it, & sang to our sweet girlie girl.

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