Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Happenings.

The computer has been a pain & I've been fighting a nasty Fall head cold... so that leaves me with little motivation to blog. As you will see we have managed to stay SUPER occupied with lots of activities, friends, & food  (thank you for hand sanitizer!)...

At preschool this week, the kids got to dress up & boy you better believe they loved that.

We've been painting the house GRADUALLY. A couple weeks ago it was the front bathroom (a lovely green) & this past week it was the an accent wall in the living room. I am very happy with the result. The hubby did a fantastic job & even had a little fun :)

There has been lots of Fall baking/cooking going on in this house
Chocolate chip pumpkin bread-Yummo!

SCARR-WEE pasta from MiMi

Helping Mommy make strawberry freezer jam

Proud of our finished product
Yesterday, Reagan's girlfriend Hannah came over & they painted pumpkins. And, today Reagan & Mommy roasted the seeds.

 Lunch dates with friends
Time for haircuts!

Reagan & Hannah
I saw another Mommy blogger post about giving her munchkin Naked Juice's Green Machine. I LOVE that idea. So, I bought a couple... but they get pretty expensive & we have a fabulous juicer that Braden's sister gave him. I stocked up on a bunch of fruit from the fruitstand up the street & Braden juiced away. And you know what!? To my surprise, the kids weren't into it. Bummer! Maybe it was the {tastes like dirt-according to Oma at fruitstand} beet??

And, I'll leave you with our nightly ritual this week.
Little mermaid game played twice a night after Jax goes to bed

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