Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This has been the best Halloween. The kids are at the PERFECT age to enjoy.

These two looked absolutely DARLING in their costumes.

My sweet girl was a Princess of course :) BUT, which one you might ask??? None other than Snow White & she pulled it off with perfection. I wasn't quite sure about it, but once the black wig was on, I knew we chose the right costume. She looked just like Snow White with her  white milky skin & blue eyes.

And, my little man was a Dragon. A darn cute puffy green dragon. See, I wanted to stick with a theme. I figured a princess & dragon go together (it didn't have to follow the story line).
My FAVORITE photo... just look at those eager beavers!

We went out to my BIL & SIL's house for pizza & salad then off to TRICK or TREAT around their lovely neighborhood. It was so cute to watch the cousins go up to each door together & shout out "their" TRICK or TREAT (especially little miss Piper Kate).

These munchkins got PLENTY candy. Jax's bag started to overflow so we had to add some of his to Reagan's :) Makes for one happy Daddy & Momma who get to delegate this candy out (& keep some for ourselves)

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