Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve.

Here's a peek into some of our Christmas decorations

Daddy had suggested that we make Santa snickerdoodle cookies. So Reagan & I whipped up a batch for one of our favorite guys.
Christmas Eve morning my fabulous MIL & FIL came over with breakfast in hand {biscuits & gravy} & lots of presents. We had such a great time laughing, eating delicious food, & exchanging gifts while Reagan's new Beauty & The Beast movie played in the background.

In the evening we headed over to Braden's sister's house for a scrumptious laid back pizza dinner. She had the table decorated so cute with name tags. Even the kids table matched.

After dinner the little cousins (Griff,Piper, Reagan, & Jax) exchanged gifts.

 On the way home the kiddos fell asleep, but Reago managed to wake up so she could set out cookie for Santa & carrots for the reindeer.

Once both little ones drifted off to sleep, it was time for Santa to get to work....
I saw a DIY a frame tent online & thought it would be such a great gift for Jax. Braden put the frame together previously. All that was left was to attach the fabric. I had bought canvas & to my dismay, it was not large enough. So... we improvised with an old white sheet. Worked out perfectly!

While Mr. Claus worked on the tent, this Mama got to work on the filling up the stockings.

Thank goodness Braden put together Reagan's special S-A-N-T-A gift on Thursday night. It took 4 hours!! I was checking the current price of it this week & on Amazon it was priced at $300.... you can bet I didn't spend that much. I debated between a pink kitchen or this bake shoppe & I couldn't be more happy with my choice. It is DARLING!!
A few special aprons hand sewn (not by me) so her friends can play too
A fun cook book for her & I to bake together

We also did our annual Christmas Eve JAMMIE exchange. Reagan's are pictured above & Jax's will be in the following Christmas post (as well as Braden's). Here are mine....
And, one last look before Bed Time...

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