Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day.

I think I can honestly say I am the most excited about Christmas in our household. Sleeping Christmas Eve? NO. I just wanted to stand there & stare at the presents S-A-N-T-A had left for my sweet little bugs.

I tossed & turned all night & it didn't help any when little Miss Reago snuck into our bed. Jax woke up in a heaping rage of fussiness & wanted no part of calming down in his Mama's arms. So I handed him off to Bra & proceeded to try to get some sleep.... And, somehow we woke up a little late (7:00am), no biggie except that we have church at 10:00.

In the moment of it all I didn't feel rushed. I enjoyed every second that Reagan took it all in & the excited jaw dropping reaction she gave when she saw 5 Disney Princess Barbie heads poking out of her stocking.
It took Jax a little bit to wake up...
BUT.... soon enough he got in the Spirit
Reagan was SO cute in her Christmas nightgown & Jax melted my heart with his little long johns.

Reagan got LOTS of girlie treats in her stocking: Hello Kitty earrings, 3 B&BW hand sanitizers with a sparkly holder to go on her purse, Hello Kitty ring pops, a beautiful monogrammed "R" necklace, Butterfly Camelback water bottle, 5 Disney Princess Barbie dolls, Hello Kitty crayons, & a Mac Cruella Devil blue eye shadow

Jackson boy got boy toys: a toolbox, sheriff's badge, felt handmade car mat, race cars, a green car, handmade oilcloth bibs, & a balloon wooden boat

On to opening presents...

My parents gave us a set budget & had me go buy gifts for the kids since this Mama knows what they need & like. We spent the 2 weekends previous to Christmas with my parents & instead of hauling all of the toys down there, I wrapped them & placed them under our tree for the kiddos to open Christmas morning. So half of the presents were from Mommy & Daddy & the others from Papa Richard & MiMi.

Some of Papa Richard & MiMi's gifts
A set of super hero capes with masks
Blue truck
Espresso machine with pastries to go with her Bake Shoppe
Robeez boots
PRECIOUS handmade doll personalized to look like Reagan
Reagan's name is sewn on the leg (no losing her) & Reago took that doll EVERYWHERE Christmas day
Some of Daddy & Mommy's gifts

You can't really see this, but it's a oilcloth (inside & out) purse for church
Disney Princess Yahtzee...we played last night :)

Don't mind our bed head
My hubby spoiled me with tickets to see...

I knew we would be rushed for time since we had church. An easy quick but definitely delicious breakfast was required. I made monkey bread {a favorite around here} & sausage links accompanied by orange juice & coffee.
Sunday morning church services

This is what Reagan did through the WHOLE song... pouting because she couldn't take her doll up there

After church we all went to our homes for the afternoon. Our little family drove around to see what was open for lunch & we ended up at a little diner/Indian food. It was the ONLY thing open... well that & McDonalds. We probably should've opted for McDonalds but where's the fun in that!?

After lunch the kids were happy to go home & play with their new toys. Christmas dinner was at 4:00 over at Papa Dave & Grammy's house. Grammy served a prime rib roast dinner & it was GOOD. I have to say my favorite part was the mashed potatoes & gravy as well as the delicious warm right out of the oven peach cobbler with ice cream.

A few post Christmas photos


Sacha....xoxo said...

look like you all had a wonderful christmas day..

Wicked is brilliant show, I went to see Wicked at London.. you will love the show :D

much loves
sacha xoxo

Tryna said...

What precious pictures of your cute kiddos! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

Brittani Loveall said...

I love looking at your updates on here. Glad you guys enjoyed Christmas! My mom makes monkey rolls every Christmas morning too...so yummy. She made scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and onions too. So so good!! Your family is so adorable!

Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures - especially that food! And it looks like you all got great gifts :) I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!