Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi All!

We had a very happy New Year. The hubby & I got to go out on a DATE while my parents watched the kiddos. Being the old {at heart} folks that we are... we left for dinner before 4:00pm.

We stopped in at our favorite place, Paul Martin's American Bistro to take advantage of their Happy Hour prices on appetizers. Afterward, we headed to our favorite sushi place in town (which just so happens to be next door :) ). Dinner was amazing as usual, but I wasn't quite satisfied.
So what do you know, we head back over to Paul Martin's for dessert. Lot's of jumping around. It was fun!
We got tickets for the 6:55 showing of Sherlock Holmes, but ended up making it for the 6:00 show. The movie was very entertaining & we made it home exactly at 8:30. Fantastic time with my handsome husband & we got to say goodnight to our sweet girl. No staying up till midnight this year.... there will be plenty of time for that later.

As for New Year's Resolutions, I have a few...

I have been inspired by this prayer board on Pinterest. So Resolution numero UNO, pray more & construct a magnetic prayer board to remind me of weekly prayer requests.

Pinterest has planted lots of little ideas in my head. I had heard people say it was addicting & I even found the phrase "How Pinteresting" to be extremely annoying. BUT, now I am hooked. I want to add DIY projects all over my home &... I Have. Resolution # 2, this year I want to do more crafts/DIY projects that are useful & don't create clutter. {I HATE clutter!} One of my projects...
I made this magnetic chalkboard to go in Reago's room

I love our sweet home. And, now that I am not pregnant & over the infant stage I can focus on it. Resolution #3 is to spruce the house up with more decorations. Mainly I want to focus on the Dining Room, Kitchen, & Living room. The kids rooms are perfect. Those got lots of attention during pregnancy & I am completely happy with them. As for our room, I just put some finishing touches on it within the last couple of weeks. I would like to add a few frames to the guest room. There is always room for adjustments, but I'm satisfied & happy with these rooms for now.

I have some plans in store for this idea...
I find it important to make home cooked meals for my family. We make it a priority around here to sit down every evening together over a meal & talk about one another's day. Life gets busy with play dates, preschool, ballet, errands, etc. Resolution # 4 is to set aside a day once a month to make freezer meals as well as double recipes so that I can freeze one.

And lastly, I am hoping that Winter 2012 will bring us a  new puppy or the blessing of another precious sweet baby. :)

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