Friday, January 6, 2012

There's a first for everything.

Yesterday I got to preschool a little early to pick up Reagan. And, what a great time to take advantage of listening to my 11 new voicemails. I deleted one by one & THEN I got to the last one...

It wasn't a voice I recognized right off the bat. The main things I remember hearing are REAGAN & the term LITTLE CRASH. So I immediately grabbed Jax & go check out what happened. My sweet baby girl was snuggled in the arms of one of her teachers in the office. The director told me that she had taken a fall & bit ALL OF THE WAY THROUGH HER LIP.  I scooped her up & one of the teachers helped me out to the car with Jax (even buckling him in!). I am so thankful for great teachers that handled the situation so well & were very helpful to me. Reagan's preschool has been a true blessing.

I called Braden who FORTUNATELY was working out in the field just a short distance away. We met at an Urgent Care halfway. As I pulled in I was worried at how full the parking lot was. When we got in side it was a whole different situation. They were honestly AMAZING! They took us in right away, the place was CLEAN (BIG deal to me!), & the Doctor & Nurse are exactly what I would hope for (kind, gentle, calm, caring, & understanding). This place was nothing like the ER where you could wait hours upon hours & you are surrounding by people hacking up ___________ .

Of course, I HAD to document in photos. I am not in many of these. I chose to do the HORRIFYING job of holding Reagan's arms & legs down while they stitched her up. I almost broke out in tears a couple of times during the whole process, but I knew I needed to keep it together for her. 

Big Fat Lip

She loves her Daddy

Holding Daddy's hand for comfort

Getting ready for the numbing shot

Cleaning & Sterilizing her mouth

Anticipating what's next

ALL done & stickering Momma up

2 stitches

Tuckered out from the day's happenings & no nap


Jenn said...

Awww...Poor baby girl!! It looks like she handled it pretty well though! Sending healing thoughts to Reagan!

Danielle said...

oh my goodness!! poor girl :( :(