Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HoHoHo, we are constantly on the go.

I sure do love this time of year & December is JAM PACKED! Not only is every weekend booked with holiday fun, but our weekdays are filling up quickly.

Elf has been having lots of fun around our home. Look & see...

We had a playdate/craft get together with Emily & Hannah on Friday. Us Momma's made marshmellows & the girlie girls got to do a fun reindeer craft.

These two things happen to be my favorite traditions to do during the Christmas season. For the craft you make a little reindeer head out of a brown paper bag, trace their little hands & cut out construction paper for antlers, & fill the bag with oats/sparkles for reindeer food. On Christmas Eve you sprinkle the "food" on your lawn so that Santa's reindeer can find your house & bring LOTS of presents.

Saturday night we met up with some friends from church, my in-laws, & Emily & Hannah for a Christmas Parade.
 Seriously, Emily & I are soul sisters & fellow Gymboree-holics. We got the girls matching tutus & shirts. And, the two of them looked absolutely DARLING! What cuties!!

The kiddos were bundled up (just take a look at my sweet cuddle bear!) & I was huddled under mounts of blankets.

We had a blast chowing down on burgers & fries from the joint next store.

Everyone brought thermoses of hot coco (except me... I brought the homemade marshmellows).
I gave each family a bag
Reagan got such a kick out of the parade & enjoyed yelling, "Merry Christmas" as the floats/cars went by. Jax just took it ALL in.

 After nap time, the kids have been enjoying getting bundled up & playing outside with each other. They are too stinkin adorable!! They really love each other & I enjoy secretly watching them from the window. Sometimes they fight, but then just move right along to playing again. These ages are great!

And, of course... there has been BAKING :)

We had a big bag of M&M's in the freezer & I looked up a recipe online & here's what I cam up with....
These babies turned out MASSIVE. I really liked that the M&M's were on top. They turned out so beautiful & mighty tasty :)

I am pretty I will need to go on a diet after eating these!

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Tracy said...

Seriously LOVE that outfit with the hat Raegan is wearing!!