Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Day In The Life Of.... Thursday & Friday

Can't get enough of these sweet faces!
Thursday is our other preschool day, so it means getting up early & out the door {5 minutes before 9}. You'd think it would have been easy to get out the door since it was Pajama Day.... but NO. Reagan got a BIG blue marker spot on her jammies at church last night so we had to put new ones on in the morning. She looked absolutely adorable going to school in her PJ's.

Eden & Reagan
 While Reagao was at preschool I decided to try out some more Pinterest recipes. My sweet in-laws were coming over for dinner & they are so great at being my guinea pigs. I made Better Than Twix Bars & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Avalanche Bars. And let me tell you, BOTH were superb! We had stir fry for dinner. Keeping it healthy so we could pig out on dessert :)


Friday morning we met my girlfriend Emily & her daughter Hannah at 10am at the mall.
I finally broke down & picked up a Proactiv kit. I am sick & tired of my 15 year teenage skin. I used it while in high school, but never actually followed the process completely. This time I've vowed to use it EXACTLY as directed. I took before photos & will be taking some more one week into the process. Crossing my fingers that this does the trick.... Just look at the infomercials, haha!
Friday night I got to go out for GIRLS NIGHT at The Melting Pot to celebrate Mary getting her nursing degree, passing her boards, & her birthday {YOU GO GIRL!!}. This was my first experience there & it was fun & tasty. I had a great time with the ladies.

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