Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Day In The Life Of.... Wednesday


On Wednesday's we have play group at 10am. This means I get to sleep in an extra 10 mins {7:20/7:30}.
We went to Party Place, which totally thrilled me. I like that it is quaint & I would describe it as a play room in your house {if your play room has a big bounce slide, arcade games, a tree house, & ski ball}. There is a coffee machine that makes cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, etc. & it's FREE! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
From play group we went & picked up Disney On Ice tickets {which happened to be in the opposite direction past our house}. I'm super excited to take my girlie girl on a Mommy & Me date! We've been to Disney on Ice, but last time she was such a little peanut. I know she is going to get more out of it this time & recognize even more characters.
Every Wednesday is PIZZA WEDNESDAY. Just ask Reago. She knows.
I usually go cheap & get frozen pizza. Sometimes I'll even throw a salad in. I thought I'd step it up a bit & make Pioneer Woman's pizza dough {which is amazingly tasty & super duper easy}. I topped our individual pizzas with pesto, provolone, & salami. Ohhhhh boy were they good!
We have church for an hour in the evening & then I like to end my night off by watching my newest favorite show REVENGE.

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