Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Day In The Life Of.... Tuesday

Recap from last night & Pinterest ideas put into action

The kids LOVED the Chicken Gnocchi soup

I found a copycat recipe for Olive Garden breadsticks to go with it. O.M.G!! {I know, I just said O.M.G...but they deserve it}This bread was amazingly delicious. Definitely keeping that recipe around. As for the soup....so so. I'm glad the kids enjoyed.

My magnetic chalkboard & chicken wire pin up frame {for Save the Date, Invitations, Photos}

I found these darling mini clothespins at Target


I am impressed at how much I can get done in a rushed amount of time.

Got up this morning at 7:10am with Jackson boy. Shuffled into the kitchen to start the coffee & get Monkey Bread made & in the oven. Fed Jax, washed & dried his jeans to wear for the day, got Reagan breakfast, helped Reago get dressed, got myself put together, & dressed Jax. Reagan's backpack & raincoat in hand along with the diaper bag & headed out the door to preschool ALL before 9AM.

No chit chatting with the other mommies today at Preschool.... I rushed back home to meet a few of my girlfriends to make Broccoli Cheddar Soup & have brunch {hence the Monkey Bread}. Had a lovely visit, good food, & got dinner made for the evening... always a good feeling.
Before I took the immersion blender to it & added a generous amount of cheddar cheese
I managed to get everything cleaned before picking Reagan up at Preschool.

You know it's time to get your kid's hair cut when they keep begging you & saying, "Mom, you said maybe today...." What better than to go right after preschool & before eating lunch. We put our on name on the waiting list & WAITED for about an hour before getting called to a chair.... I guess that's the price you pay for $10 Tuesday at the trendy kids salon.

Side note: I tried to get Reagan to let me get her hair bobbed.... she insisted that we keep it long like Tangled's (Rapunzel).

Since it was 2pm {YIKES!}, I was a bad Mom & stopped to get her a cheeseburger (gasp). Then it was home for naps.

That's Tuesday in a nutshell.

Oh, &... the Broccoli Soup was divine. Absolutely scrumptious & a must for the cold winter. I recommend that you try it.

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