Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day In The Life Of.... Monday

So this week I am going to do a segment called A Day In The Life Of.... Meaning each day I will post with photos & descriptions of what that typical day is like{before Daddy gets home from work}. Not only do I find it interesting to know & hear what other Mommies do during a "normal" week, but years from now I want to remember what we were doing.... what life what like when the kiddos were itty bitties.


My alarm goes off at 7am & I hit snooze every 10 mins until 7:20/30. Thank goodness I have the coffee maker ready to go the night before. If I'm lucky, like this morning, I am the first to get up & have a bit of time to myself to grab a cup & open up all of the blinds (habit) while getting the kid's breakfast prepared.

Reagan is adamant about eating Raisin Bran & lately I've been making waffles/pancakes for the little guy. He's insistent on feeding himself so anything that he can eat with his hands is GREAT!

For the last few months a typical Monday outing starts off with ballet at 9am in the morning.

We just {today} switched to the 10am class which now gives us a little more time in the morning with not as much rushing. Instead of being 5 minutes late today, we were EARLY!

After ballet we often hit the BIG Walmart on the way home for our weekly grocery shopping. It is VITAL to do it then. We are already out of the house, I've had coffee, & if we go home we are most likely not going back out.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting up with Daddy for lunch at Panera {on the same block as Walmart} & we did our shopping afterwards.

After I unloaded the groceries at home, I gave Jax a bottle & put him down for nap. Reagan got her "5 MINUTES" & then nap time.

Side note: If we tell Reagan it is time to do something ie go to bed, leave, etc. she often asks for 5 minutes. So we put 5 minutes on the clock & she is very good about doing whatever it is she needs to do after that. It's been a great little system. And, it's ONLY 5 minutes.

I can't get enough of Olive Garden's Chicken & Gnocchi Soup & was so happy to come across a copycat recipe. I'm going to try it out tonight :)

Recipe found here:
This will be the perfect accompaniment to this dreary rainy weather.

Tonight I'm looking forward to smell of clean little ones,snuggling up with my bugs, having a fire, & drinking tea/hot coco this evening 

Happy Monday!

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