Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thanks to my Mom {& her sweet next door neighbor}.... I am now the proud owner of ALL (19 to be exact) of these!
I am beyond thrilled about these. Ideas are swarming & growing in my little noggin.

OH the POSSIBILITIES!! They're endless...

I've been using Pinterest for my inspiration.

I was quite eager to get to work on these. So Monday night I pulled out a few, wiped them down, & got to slathering them with leftover wall paint.

My first {almost} finished project---I need ONE more clip

Reagan's art gallery located in the Living Room

 I LOVE this! Reagan comes home every week from preschool with numerous drawings & projects. Now I have a  place to proudly display them :)

If you are wondering what I did with the brown frame WELL I'm still contemplating that one....

I'm thinking somewhere in our dining room/kitchen area.

The much hated Home Depot has now become one of my frequent crafty visits. I picked up some chicken wire fencing & am in the process of attaching it to a frame. I absolutely love the idea of clipping "Save the Dates" & invitations up. Makes for a less cluttered fridge & a beautiful visual.

If there are any suggestions or ideas, PLEASE throw them my way :)

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