Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feeling the LOVE.

It was a fun filled week!

Wednesday we had play group over at Amy & Alyssa's house. The girls had fun playing dress up while Amy & I chit chatted & munched on spinach dip.
I have been in the Valentine spirit with much inspiration from Pinterest {of course!}. So Reagan & I made some white chocolate popcorn with {red, pink, & white} M&M's. She is the most adorable little Mommie's helper.

I found yet another idea on Pinterest for Reagan's preschool Valentine's Day party at school. It was a bit time consumer {done during her nap}, but I think they turned out very sweet.
Late Wednesday evening my girlfriend, Bri, came into town to have some girl time for a few days. She just recently got engaged. Her ring is stunning!! Richard, her fiance, did a fantastic job. I had been looking forward to this visit for quite some time & was so excited to sit & talk to her about all of her wedding dreams.

I dropped Reago off at preschool Thursday morning & we took it easy at home just catching up while I made some {Olive Garden} breadsticks & Blueberry scones.
At noon, we picked her up from school & headed out to lunch at a casual Mexican restaurant I had yet to try.
And, then it was off to SHOP!
In the evening, we had very very spicy {accidentally bought the extra hot} Zupa Toscana, homemade mini pesto-salami-cheese pizzas, Olive Garden copycat breadsticks, & salad.
We had been doing a lot of wedding talk & Bri pulled this out...
& asked me to be her bridesmaid!! I am so honored.

Bri was such a blessing at my wedding. She went with me morning of to get my hair done & when I had forgotten my hair piece, she drove all of the way back to the hotel to get it. I won't even go into how she was not feeling well, had a hotel mix up, & had driven HOURS to get up north for the wedding. She is a true friend & I greatly cherish our friendship.

She ALSO asked Miss Reagan to be her flower girl, Jax to be the ring bearer, & Braden to be a groomsman. I am super excited for all of it, but I think I'm most excited for Reagan. This will be her first flower girl experience & I know she is going to love every girlie girl second of it.

On Friday, we went to lunch at the San Francisco Boudin & did some more shopping. I really enjoy this place. The bread is sooo good!

When we came home Bri & Reagan snuggled up in the chair to watch Beauty & The Beast.
I have to laugh because I rushed Braden to get off work early so that the two of us could go to our dentist appointments at 3:00 while Bri watched the kiddos. I met him over there & earlier I had a nagging feeling that I may have got the date wrong ( in my head). Sure enough, I did! I had it right on the calendar, but never actually looked. Fortunately, they were able to squeeze Bra in & we both got all of our paper work done (we switched dentists).

I ran home got the kids & Bri & we met him at our favorite family spot, Red Robin. YUMMMMM!

The night before, I put her hair in about 8 braids & curled it under in the morning. Gorgeous!
In the morning, I tried out {yes, yes ANOTHER} Pinterest recipe. These are absolute trouble. I mean like tempting, just one more bite, maybe half, oh so good T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

After breakfast & a bit of lounging around, we got ourselves together. Bri & I went to a Valentine's Day party with the munchkins that Reagan's friend Luke was having. Rebecca did a fabulous job with the party. Everything was so cute & creative. She didn't miss a thing & the kids had a ball!

And, I have to throw one last photo in. My sister took this last week at our church revival.

Looking forward to my hott date with the hubby on Tuesday night ;-) He won't tell me where we are going.... just that I should dress nice. Hmmmm....?

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