Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sparks Fly.

Since I have had kids (plural), I enjoy any excuse to shower them with presents, do crafts, & go on special Mommy dates.
We started the morning off with Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I attempted to make them in the shape of a heart, but they kept sticking even after I oiled the cookie cutter for a second try.

Reagan got up before Jax & eagerly waited to open her Valentine's Day present while I finished making breakfast.
 I managed to get one good one for Reago. They tasted really good & both munchkin gobbled them up.
Reagan loves singing along to Taylor Swift in the car. So, I thought what better than to get her a Taylor Swift cd for Valentine's Day.
She was so happy!

A week or so ago, I found this super cute kids shaving set. I knew I had to have it for Jax!

Also included in their gifts were Disney Princess chocolates for Reagan, M&M's for Jax, & Trader Joe's Valentine gummies for them to share.
Reagan wore her beautiful Paris dress {from Grammy}to preschool for her Valentine's Day party.
After school, Jax & I picked Reagan up & we headed for a Mommy date to {one of Reagan's favorites} Olive Garden.
I let Reagan open up her bag of Valentine's cards while we waited for our food. She made out good with lots of candy & even a 4 week pass to do Karate (pretty cool!).

Jax is insistent on eating with utensils. He sat there like such a little gentleman slurping away his soup & dipping his breadstick.

They both were so well behaved & I felt proud to be sitting there with them as their Mommy.

When Braden got home from work, he had a special surprise.... he brought not only a lovely bouquet of flowers {with a very sweet card} for me, but he got Reagan one as well. He is such a good Daddy & Reagan felt so special :)

Shortly after, Braden & I scurried to get ready for our romantic date. We dropped the kids off at Papa & Grammy's & headed to our mystery dinner {mystery to me}.
We had everything but the grilled swordfish
The whole dinner date was quite comical. When we arrived & walked inside the {very nice} place was filled with 50-60 year old couples. Our waitress knew pretty much nothing when it came to the menu. All of our courses {with exception of our entrees} were either SO-SO or not good.
Don't be fooled, unfortunately this was NOT as good as it looks.

Braden got the duck

This was my entree that was actually quite tasty

The best part of the whole evening was getting to spend it with my guy alone. It felt good to put on a flirty dress & a super cute pair of very high heels.

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