Thursday, February 23, 2012

My kids never cease to amaze me. They give me a perspective on life that I wouldn't have without them.

60% of the time there is hitting (by Jax), yelling & shouting, tears, attitude, sass... the list goes on.

And, this is the other 40%.

The love they have for each other is just precious. They truly adore one another each in their own way. Reagan likes to guide, boss, & act as protector while Jax enjoys imitating anything she does & going along with her make believe play.

Reagan definitely has no problem taking the role of {boss} leader. Every night at bathtime Reagan proclaims herself as Ariel, Jax as Prince Eric, & Daddy as King Triton. So what does that leave Mommy I ask Reagan?.... Ursula the Sea Witch. Fantastic...

I take joy in listening to them play. Reagan will be Mommy with all of her babies & Jax {has no choice} in the role of Daddy.

Onto other things....

It's been almost a week since I last blogged & we have been enjoying this gorgeous weather.

Last week, the kids & I packed up a lunch & headed over to the park to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine. They both were eagerly excited to get out some energy in a wide open space.

Reagan is my little ham full of on cue smiles & Jax... well that boy is just busy.

On Saturday, Reago & I had a Mommy date at Disney's Toy Story On Ice. Reagan wore her new cowgirl boots from MiMi like Jesse.
The show was really good. Lots of fun 80's music. I had to prep Reagan that there were not going to be princesses.
 I was pleased that the second half had lots of Barbie in it. 
I have to mention that I got $11 tickets ($12.75 with fees) with a coupon from the kids salon. I asked the family sitting next to me if they got the same deal. Unfortunately, they did not & paid $23 per ticket. I was pleasantly surprised at the great price I got for such good seats. The next time we go I will be purchasing the cheap tickets again.

After church Sunday evening, we picked my Mom up from the train station to celebrate her 50th birthday. My dad wasn't able to join us due to finishing up his last bit of classes for his Masters program. He was surely missed.
Enjoying lunch at Olive Garden on Monday
We had so much fun with MiMi. Before she arrived we blew up balloons for her room, wrote nice characteristics about her on the door, & Reagan drew a beautiful photo of our family wishing MiMi a VERY happy birthday.

Monday evening we went to one of MiMi's favorites {mine too!}, Buca Di Beppo. Oh my goodness... SO much food & OH SO GOOD. I never leave there hungry.
Reagan & MiMi decorated crowns for the girls to wear.

Tuesday morning I made some blueberry scones. We headed to the Fountains with our scones with our first stop being Pete's Coffee where we met my Tuesday Morning Group.
After fueling up, we walked over to the Farmer's Market where I picked up a big fresh bag of Kettle Corn for the hubby. The guy was so sweet & gave Reagan & her friend Alexus each their own little bag.
On Tuesdays the kids train ride is free. So we all loaded up & sang{no joke}, "I've been working on the railroad." The kids had a ball!

We did a little stop in at the toy store to let the kids play & read some books.
We departed from my play group & did some shopping & much more eating.

It was a fabulous visit. Lots of good eats & quality time.

Happy Birthday MiMi!!

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