Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 **Note** Most of this was written yesterday

Boy, were we a hott mess for the first half of the day...

It started off before we even got out of the house.... one kid crying, the other yelling statements like "He pulled my hair" & " I had it first!".

Part of it could have been we were eating breakfast out & everyone was HANGRY (angry & hungry) & the other part probably had something to do with the fact that they are still getting over ear infections.

On our way out to ballet we stopped at Starbucks where we left lots of leftover crumbs from a delicious blueberry scone. {I often wish places would have a broom in the corner so I could clean up my kiddos mess. I feel guilty just leaving it there.}

Reagan tumbling
At ballet, Reagan proceeded to cough LOUDLY which sounded like she was hacking up a lung. We got stares.And, I could only imagine the thoughts going through the other parent's minds. I assured them it sounded much worse than it really was. I didn't mention that she was on antibiotics for an ear infection, BUT we were cooped up in the house all last week due to colds/ear infections. It was time to get OUT! Judge me if you will.

I took the kids to the doc last week to find out they both have ear infections. Reagan in her right ear & Jax in his left. So glad that we got amoxicillin... I'd hate to go through giving those wretched ear drops again.

Here are the kids stats, Reagan 33 lbs & Jax 22.5 lbs

We did our routine stop at Walmart after ballet where somehow we lost a whole big pack of toilet paper from our cart. Not quite sure how this happened. I'm laughing at the thought of this BIG thing of tp just sitting in the middle of an aisle. Ooops!

Since the kids have been sick, I've been pumping this into them....
We have been doing A LOT of this
Over the weekend, our church hosted it's annual revival {to celebrate the church building being payed off}. Brother Steve Waters came up from Rialto with his wife to be our guest speaker. Unfortunately, I had to miss the first night to stay home with sick kiddos. It was for the best. We ended up going the following night. I couldn't bear to miss anymore church & seeing family/friends.

Reagan sat with MiMi & Auntie Cec & fell asleep during services. She slept right through all of the food & fellowship that followed preaching. Poor girlie was out cold! But, look how she sleeps like such a damsel in distress.
On Sunday the kids Sunday school class sang "Touch your finger to your nose...". This brought back sweet memories of Reagan when she was 2. She would sing this song all.of.the.time.

Oh my goodness, they just WAY too Cute!

I was super happy to take home leftovers from our catered meal Sunday afternoon. Brother Dan's Bangkok City Thai Restaurant has fine quality food that is absolutely nothing on your plate left GOOD.
Enjoying our leftovers Monday night. Thai fried rice, sweet & sour tofu, & potstickers

I find it hysterical how my kids can go from this...
To this...
All in the matter of seconds.

The little guy & I got some fresh air while big sissy girl was tuckered out in the car from ballet.

And, in lieu of Valentine's Day coming up I leave you with this sweet photo of my girlie girl.

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