Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Upside of Down

 Jax has been fighting something since Saturday. A cold? Teething? I don't know. What I do know, is that he is pitiful.
His two top eye teeth have popped. They can be part to blame.
He walks around with a constant running nose. Screams during diaper changes. Chases me around the house crying hysterical {for the record, I do pick him up to cuddle--of course}. Has droopy eyes. Tends to be overly irritable.

So where do you go with germies when you need to get out of the house?? Well, non other than good ol' Mickey Dee's.

Yesterday Reagan started coming down with a cold. We ended up forgoing play group today & I'm afraid preschool is out of the question for tomorrow.

Monday I signed Reagan up for another month of ballet.

 This cold wintery weather has inspired me to drag out the bread machine as well as trying new baked goods.

I used this scone recipe & instead of using dried fruit, I threw in some fresh blueberries. Oh my, they were heavenly.
 These were done with bread machine dough & after rising & baking, I slathered them with LOTS of butter. They were quite tasty with our Paula Deen meatloaf, mashed potatoes, & sauteed garlic mushrooms.
So you want to know what the upside of down is?

It's this....

On the way home from ballet (& the store) Reagan said, "look Mom, we're holding hands". Melt my heart into a puddle.


Roxy said...

That last pic is precious in a bottle.

This South Korean's Got Seoul

Jess said...

Peyton's cutting her top 2 eye teeth as we speak, they've been awful. Her bottom 2 were fine and her molars weren't as bad as these 2 have been!