Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge

So I'll start off by saying the Sis & I have made a pack to stay off of Face Book for ONE WHOLE WEEK. And, I must admit I'm dying!! But, that is the whole part of this {at least on my part}. I need to disconnect myself from the addiction. If we check it at all during the week, we owe the other person $5. I know steep!! Haha, but it's just a little something to keep us accountable.

Anywho, this has been what we've been up to this week....

I had this gorgeous sash made to go with Reagan's Easter dress. Janelle over at Buttons & Birds is so very talented. The details are gorgeous & I love that Reagan will be wearing something unique.
My sandals came in & they are STUNNING!! I can't wait for some real sunshine & a fresh pedicure :)
Wednesday we had an Olive Garden lunch date with Emily & Hannah to hear all about their great time at Disneyland/Santa Monica.
It was flower day at Preschool yesterday & each kid got to go home with a beautiful potted flower.
Having a GAP card literally pays off. I got these super cute butterfly jammies for FREE.
While I was at the mall, I stopped in at Forever21. SO many great Summer items. I took some photos of my favorites. I am really loving the cowgirl style fedora hat. Happy that I have a birthday right around the corner :)

Today is our down day... a few errands & lots of playing at home. Tomorrow is a crazy one. We've got a birthday party, I have a HUGE shopping trip with my MIL for our upcoming church meeting {details to follow}, & Dinner out (no complaints there ;-) ).


Arielle said...

those sandals are cute!

Tracy said...

Your family is always doing fun things it sounds like! =) Where did you get the cute sandals by the way??!!

Ashlie said...

Thank you :) We definitely like to stay busy & there is a lot to do here.

The sandals are from this website: