Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, to be a kid.

After a few days of crazy rain, yesterday brought sunshine & a tease of what's to come. You can bet my littles have been itching to get out & play, especially my dirt & stick kid.

Toys were covered in dirt & in need of a good hose down. The kids could care less. I think they thought the dirt was more fun & I sat back feeling like a good Mommy not stressing while letting them get messy. Their sweet smiles said it all :)

I love black & white photos & wonder to myself why I don't have more around the house {I will have to remedy that}. The nostalgic feeling you get from looking at a b&w, well that's how I felt x's 100.

There is nothing sweeter than a rock & dirt birthday cake.

I enjoyed sitting back & watching their precious little imaginations soar.

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