Monday, March 12, 2012

That Dr. Seuss Movie

 I haven't taken the kids into Picture People since this time last year. I figured they were due for some photos, especially since Jackson Boy turned 18 months on Saturday.

Reagan has always been my ham when it comes to smiling for the camera {she's a natural!}. Jax on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with taking photos or smiling. We got a couple smirks out of him, but that was about it.

Somehow, once again, I got talked in signing up for Picture People's Portrait Club Membership... something about saving money, $10 off coupons, a free print, yada-yada-yada....

Guess I'll be going back when they turn 2 & 4 :)

They both have really sprouted in the last year.

Reagan has been begging to see "The Dr. Seuss Movie". So this week I bought movie tickets from Costco for our little family of four. When we got there Reagan was literally squeeling & running around with excitement. This was her second movie in 3D & she did great keeping the glasses on the whole time. I cannot say the same for Jax. He spent most of the movie down the hall with Daddy. We will not be taking him again any time soon. He's just a busy busy boy!
It is a DEFINITE must that when we go to the theater, Reagan & I get a big butter saturated popcorn. We scarfed it down about 10 minutes in. The movie was adorable. So full of cheer with lots of singing.

We vowed that Jax would be rid of the bottles {once & for all} when he turned 18 months. So we had a little bottle ceremony where we cut the tops of the bottles off & let Jax throw them away. Poor bubba didn't know what he was in for. {Knock on wood} Things have been going great. Granted, it's only been 2 nights... but not NEARLY as hard as I thought it would be. Good riddens pacifiers (at 15 months) & ba-ba's (18 months).
What's next!? POTTY TRAINING. Let me assure you, this will not be taking place for a few months & even then I don't kid myself that it will be easy with this little guy. Maybe we will try the let your kid run around naked method this Summer??

Saturday, while Jax napped Reago & I had a picnik on the front lawn & enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
When Jax woke up Bra & the kiddos attempted to fly a kite. I enjoyed sitting back & watching them. Too sweet!

In the afternoon, I had an errand to run so I took the kiddos with me while Bra went over to Papa Dave's to change his oil. I rewarded them with ice cream for being good.

Another busy week up ahead :)

Happy Monday!

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Lone Star Family said...

love the pics! They are so stinkin' cute!!