Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza...

Yesterday, was a whirlwind. Started the day off with ballet. Jax was such a good boy. I usually have to chase him up & down the place. For some reason this day he was much more calm & sticking pretty close to me without putting up a fuss. From ballet we headed over to the park to meet our play group. The kids were so happy to run around with eachother, eat yummy snacks (including mini cupcakes), & swing in the fresh air. I packed the kids & I a lunch to make things easier on myself when we got home.

Around noon we headed home to do some loads of laundry & prep my dishes {to feed 80-100 people each!} for this weeks annual church association {hosting by our church}. I got both of the praline tops (for French toast casserole & potato souffle) portioned out into bags & labeled. I also, measured out all of the dry ingredients for the chile & ham egg casserole.

This is going to make things a lot easier on me while I have our lovely visitors, The Miller Family, staying with us. They have two little ones {a boy & a girl} around the same ages as my littles... so I know there will be lots of chasing & playing with all of those munchkins.

Soon after Bra got home we headed over to our favorite local Mexican restaurant to meet my in-laws. I was very happy to be going out for dinner because I had to keep Jax up ALL day for his MRI that night. This was a VERY difficult thing to do, as my poor little guy was SO sleepy! Of course dinner was delicious & right after Jax & I headed to go get his MRI done.

Our appointment started at 7:00 & I didn't get him {completely} asleep until 8:30. I was exhausted by that point! Once he was in a good deep sleep we moved him into position for the MRI scan. He did fantastic! He lasted 30 minutes in the SUPER LOUD machine. That is longer than both of our previous visits. Unfortunately, no photos this time. It was a long & tedious process. Once he woke up, I was definitely ready to go home & see the rest of our little family. We got home around 10:00 & put Jax to sleep in HIS BED. The boy was passed out!

This was our final MRI. It's been a neat experience & one that I would do again if the opportunity presented itself. It's sort of been a blessing & peace of mind with Jax's fall {when he was 4 months old}. I say this constantly, but it is truly amazing how resilient children are.

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