Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We've had a play date full week that keeps on going.

After ballet on Monday, we headed over to Party Place {as you know, one of my favs}. The kids & I met up with Liz & her boys as well as our dear friends Emily & Hannah. We had a wonderful time chatting while the little ones ran around.

Yesterday, the kids & I met Laura, the twins (Madison & Levi), & Alexis at Funderland {a miniature amusement park for toddlers). Reagan had a blast going on the rides all by herself (with the help of Alexis). I didn't end up get Jax tickets, but he had a good time watching all of the commotion.
 Madison & Reagan on the buggy cars. Behind them, Levi & Alexis. It was so great that each of the girls (Reagan & Alexis) could go with each twin to keep an eye on them while Laura & I {plus Jax} got to watch.

 Reagan has been insistent on wearing this floral dress from Old Navy. She says it's her favorite :)

 I am usually good about packing the kiddos a lunch if I know we will be out & about around that time. This day, I failed... chicken strips & french fries it was. As for me, a greasy corn dog. Shameful...BUT, in my defense I have been craving one of these since our trip to Disneyland.

 This is the biggest/scariest ride they have. Reagan went on with confidence & when she got off.... she said she wasn't crying or upset, but let me know that she didn't want to go on it again.

 She loves carousels!

 He was such a sweet boy chewing on the cup & watching his sissy enjoy the rides.
 Last & final ride for the day. She requested having the red sparkly plane :)

We had a fantastic time!

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