Monday, April 16, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

I've found that I have to force myself to sit down & post. There are so many events, photos, & moments that I'd hate to forget later down the road. So for that reason, let me fill you in on what we've been up to this past week.

Early last week

Monday evening, I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Fried Steak. I've made it once before & it was delicious. You can't beat that the cut of the meat is super cheap & it's good ol' southern cooking at it's finest.

 Homemade gravy from the drippings is a definite must!

We pulled out the yellow trucks. Jax was having so much fun pressing the button that makes them rumble & roll.

I stopped in at Costco to grab some fresh fruit for the littles & found WAY too many clothing items I wanted for them. I walked a way with these... 2 Hurley shirts/short set, tutu dress for miss Reagan, & a couple pairs of Summer jammies for Jax.

A storm came rolling through. We watched the progress as it got closer on Braden's phone while the kiddos stood in the doorway enthralled by the sound of thunder, flashes of lightning, & little ice cubes falling from the sky.

These are such precious moments. Braden is SO great at reading to them.

I caught Jax one morning baking up a storm.

The sit & spin had been in Reagan's closet & I happened to pull it out. Jax hopped right on & knew just what to do. I was actually pretty surprised.

This girl never ceases to crack me up. Such a little mommy {btw, GREAT book}

They had just woke up from naps & were having a snack. I constantly find them holding hands, hugging, & loving one another {the other times, I hear screaming & crying but who wants to talk about that...}

Precious Daddy time. Reago & Daddy play a game of her choice a few nights a week.

I took the littles to our favorite lunch spot {Olive Garden} & they both were extremely well behaved....manners & all.

It's crazy how he is started to look more like a boy than a baby.


In the afternoon we celebrated cousin Griffin's 4th birthday at Chuckee Cheese's. Bra got off work early & was able to meet us :)

After the party, we stopped for dinner at Red Robin to get yet another free burger.

 Jax loves the sweet potato fries with chili sauce. Hey, it's a veggie.... right!? :)


Braden made breakfast & even added chocolate chips to a few pancakes as requested by Reagan.

 Reagan & I had a bridal shower 2.5 hours away for my college roommate, Janna. For her gift I went with the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue theme.

Something Old, vintage tea towels

Something Blue, blue Anthropologie apron

Something New, lacy unders
Something borrowed, Marshmellow recipe accompanied by a bright green digital thermometer

We got there a half hour early so my sweet girlie girl & I made a caffeine/snack stop at Pete's Coffee. And, since she was {pretty} good on the long drive, I let her sip some of my vanilla freddo.

The shower was beautiful! It was so nice to see Janna & her mom & meet new friends. Reagan was pleased to have another little girl to play with. These two were absolutely adorable together & made us all laugh with their cuteness.

With the lovely bride, Janna

And, to end the week off with a high note, I got to have a girls night out with my dear friend Emily. Great conversation, fantastic food, & perfect company.

I ate ALL of this minus one piece. I thought I would have got my sushi fix, but now I just want to go back for more!

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