Saturday, April 21, 2012

We're Blooming.

I had intentions for blogging yesterday & probably even the day before. Once again, time got away from me & I sit here on Saturday {which got here really fast} & upload all of the special moments we had in the past few days.


It's narrowing down to our last few ballet classes. We will finish out the month & in  it's place, sign up for swim lessons. 
She is such a sweet little helper with her brother
 This week the weather warmed up nicely. I was happy to pull out the new outfit I got for Jax from Costco. I am thinking of getting another one for the summer. He's just so darn cute, especially with his beach-y surfer locks.

 I got smart & brought Jax a toy race car to play with during ballet. He totally got a kick out of it & had fun zooming around.

 The fruitstand up the street that we've been going to since Reagan was a teeny tiny baby just opened up after taken their usual Winter break. We were so happy to stop in & say HI to Oma & Gordan.

 Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed the gorgeous weather with healthy snacks & lots of playing in the backyard.


After dropping Reagan off at preschool, Jax & I met some friends at the Fountain's Farmer's Market. On these days {when we aren't making a meal}, we grab a coffee at Pete's first & then walk around.

Jax was excited to show Reegan {not to be confused with my Reagan}his balloon sword.

There's a little cafe {lunch,coffee,frozen yogurt} right next to Reagan's preschool. A big turkey sandwich sounded to good! We even got a oreo ice cream in celebration of the warm day.

I always get excited when the rose bushes in our front yard bloom. We have some gorgeous colors out there. I picked a few & put them in a vase on the mantel. So pretty!


Reagan is so adorable. She has me tie her apron on, I give her a {recipe} card & pencil, & she takes my breakfast order.

I ordered this shirt for Jax from Next Direct {whom I LOVE!} for it's phrases....number one best brother, genuine, mega tough, & super cute. I thought it's vintage style was so boy & was pleasantly surprised by the brown stitching up the sides. 

While Reago napped in the afternoon, Jax & I had a good time playing bubbles.
 He seriously never stops going!! Okay, maybe to sleep {but just for a short bit, like 45 mins short}. I can't complain too much. He's a great sleeper at night. I wonder why!?
 And, I'll throw in what we had for dinner. Pioneer Woman's pizza dough turned into bread sticks, rosemary chicken & potatoes, salad with lots of goodies including feta <3, & fresh fruit.


This is how it started out....
 And, this is what happenS...
 She has him trained to carry her backpack. No joke. She never wants to carry it & when I told her that I wasn't going to, she got resourceful. Teaching him to be a good man.
*GASP* Another McDonald's trip & it's not even anyone's birthday. Bad mom. Bad mom.
 He's peeping his little head out.
 And, running around the tree like crazy kids :)
 LOVE this precious face!

 Jax was having a blast being pulled around the backyard by sister.

 We took a walk down the street. Reagan rode her trike & Jax & I followed behind with the wagon in tow.
 Another, fruitstand stop. Believe me, you better get use to seeing this spot. There will be lots & LOTS of frequent visits to get our healthy fix. Especially after McDonald trips!

Even though I was tired & ready to plop my buns down in the living room, I got the grand idea to make apple cake. So Bra took the kids to the market to pick up apples & apple cake is just what I made. We weren't stingy. I kept half for us & we too the other half the next morning to Amy who just had sweet baby Grant.


The kiddos got first dibs on the apple cake in the morning. And, boy were they happy. Dessert for breakfast!? Yes, PLEASE!
 More bakery orders. Fresh coffee :)

 Getting to finally hold baby Grant. Starting to feel the baby bug/itch.... phew! Just for a moment. I think I can wait a bit longer. Or, at least until after the wedding in September. Then we will play around with the idea of baby #3.
Such a snuggly little peanut
 Reagan INSISTS on going over the bridge when we get to Alyssa's house & back over it when we leave.
 These kiddos were happy for sunshine, toys, & friends.

This HAS to be one of my most favorite photos.

After an Adalberto's take out dinner at home, we went to Cold Stone for a family date. Looking forward to lots more of these this Summer.

 After devouring our ice cream, we stopped into Barnes & Noble where my very loving husband bought me BLOOM by Kelle Hampton. Amazing.Amazing.Amazing blog!! Check her out at . She is such an inspiration & I am trying to get through her book without any tears. I was so hooked last night!


Daddy made waffles & at this very moment he took the kids for a walk in the wagon to the fruitstand. :) :) :)

We've got a cowgirl birthday party this afternoon & it's already been a great morning.

Have a great weekend!!

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