Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 years Baby!

Okay, so story of my life... I've been putting off writing a post because it's tedious & I can always find other things {more} important to get done. BUT, somehow both of my kids were fully asleep & in bed my 8 tonight & the hubby is playing poker with some friends. I'd veg on the couch, but EVERYTHING is a rerun & so, now I sit here *ready* to blog.

On May 26 {a couple of weeks back by now}, Bra & I celebrated 5 years of marriage :) For Christmas he got me tickets to see Wicked, which coincidentally ended up being on our anniversary date 5 months later. We dropped our sweet munchkins off at Papa Dave & Grammy's & were ready for an evening of celebrating.
In the weeks leading up, we had been debating where we would go out to eat. Would we try somewhere new? High end? Trendy? Etc. Funny thing, we ended up at our old stand by's. Sometimes comfort is just what you need. So we had happy hour appetizers at Paul Martin's & then made our way over to Blue Nami for a sushi dinner. And, I promise you this, it.did.not.disappoint!
Paul Martin's

Blue Namie---sushi devoured!
We had some time in between the dinner/show & we planned to do some shopping for a wedding we will be attending this month. I found a GORGEOUS dress & bought it quickly as our time was running out. We went home to do a quick wardrobe change & took off to the show downtown.

It was such a fun night together & the play was AMAZING. I would definitely see it again! Looking forward to MANY more years together & maybe even 1 or 2 more little ones ;-)

Sunday, we were spontaneous & after church stopped to eat a couple of donuts on our way to Uncle Eric & Auntie Ashleigh's for lunch. You can bet Reagan & Jax were happy!

This is Reagan at church earlier in the morning with her Princess backpack {from staying at Grammy & Papa's}, purse, & *pretend* cell phone...

Last Tuesday my Dad was out of town for work so my Mom came to visit. We got to spend 4 days enjoying her. It was such a treat!

That morning, Reagan had a water day at preschool {which I totally forgot about}. Thank goodness we live right around the corner. I was able to sign her in & quickly run back home to grab her swimsuit, sunscreen, & mermaid towel.

She's miss blue tutu :)

We picked MiMi up from the train station right after preschool & feasted on lunch at MiMi's Cafe {couldn't be more fitting).

More on MiMi's eventful visit tomorrow {or the next day...}.

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