Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Santa Cruz Vacay. The beach house & Day 1{Fri Evening}.

I was super happy Bra was able to get off early on Friday. I didn't think we would leave until after 4:00, but instead we got to our destination at 4:00, woo-hoo!!!

The drive took just a bit less than 3 hours. I was so eager to get there, that when Bra got home {much earlier than expected} I had the car loaded & ready to go. 

We were the first family to arrive {aside from my in-laws}. I remember stepping down the stairs from the garage to the house & being in awe. The house was absolutely gorgeous! It looked like a page from Coastal Living. The house was painted a perfect cool blue shade & trimmed in white. SO beachy!

I must mention a HUGE thanks to my Father-In-Law & Mother-In-Law for setting this whole trip up. I look forward to sharing (in later posts) all of the fun games my Mother-In-Law had in store for us. Too much fun!!

The house was very roomy. There were 5 rooms plus a large loft with a couple of beds. Altogether, we had 14 people & this house could have EASILY fit quite a few more especially since neither of my kids took a bunkbed. Jax slept in the portacrib & Reagan on a toddler mattress with PLENTY of room to spare.

See that BIG blue house {right where the flag it pointing}? That's where we stayed :)

Front porch

 Outdoor dining with heat lamp {it got chilly!}

We were walking distance from the boardwalk. Never once did we drive there.

The basement downstairs had fooseball, a ping pong table, & darts

Outdoor swing

Our room on the 2nd story looking out to the ocean/beach

Our walk in closet complete with *working* sink

Our bathroom

Closet in the kids room complete with costumes, games, books, & plenty of toys

Kids room with stairs leading to the loft

Little nook on the stair case

Looking down from the top of the stairs (kitchen to the left/more rooms to the right)

This is the kitchen where we spent lots of time at this fantastic table drinking coffee & chatting.

TV room

Living room area looking out to the beach

Papa & Grammy's room on the 2nd floor

Walking from the front of the house down to the spa, deck, beach entrance area

Once we were settled, we walked down to the boardwalk to get season passes. We couldn't help ourselves & noshed on lots of goodies... roasted corn on the cob, a burger, a corn dog with sweet potato fries, & a couple of tacos. Really got our boardwalk food fix.

In the evening our little fam & Papa Dave walked down to check out the beach.

We ended the night with bedtime prayers & a story. It was a great start to a fantastic vacation.

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Tracy said...

Looks AMAZING!! Such a pretty picture of you with the beach and ocean behind ya!