Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Santa Cruz Beach Vacay. Day 7.


A mid morning popcorn snack :)

The girls antagonizing Uncle Rob

Grammy had one more special surprise planned for the kiddos. She buried a sack of treasure for each of them with X marking the spot. The treasure "chests" were filled with silver half dollar coins, gold $0.50 coins, candy, bubble, & other little treats. So cute!!

Our little family took one more last trip down town where we ate lunch at a darling hopping Deli. We enjoyed our delicious subs out on the patio in the fantastic weather. After, I strolled a few more stores with Jax while Reago & Daddy read at the bookstore. I had to stop in at the candy shop {for a bribe} & get Jax a shark fin sucker. This kept him quiet for a little while. 

We came back to the house & everyone {minus me} took naps. My sweet boy woke up crying so I scooped him up & he quickly fell back asleep in my arms for a LONG.TIME.

Unfortunately, Braden got called to work the next day. So we had to go pick up a rental car for him in the evening to drive back home in the morning. When we came back, we met everyone down at the beach.

The guys had a good time burying Sam in the sand & giving him a couple of accessories.

My bubba had a meltdown... I think he got hit by a little wave or something??, I don't quite remember. What I do remember is that HE.WAS.NOT.HAPPY. I bundled him up so we could snuggle & keep warm from the chilly breeze. He calmed down & I took him out of the towel. And, then what does he do.... he tripped in a big whole right next to us & the meltdown started ALL over...

That meant more Mommy cuddles :)

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