Saturday, June 23, 2012

Santa Cruz Beach Vacay. Day 6.

Wednesday morning, everyone walked down to the beach for SURVIVOR games. My mother-in-law is so creative when it comes to games. She had lots of fun family competitions planned for the week. And, although we only won ONE competition out of the WHOLE thing, I still had a blast playing & cheering my team on.

 Team Lester
Team Himmelberg

In the first game, the guys had to dig for buried puzzle pieces. There were 3 sections, each containing a buried bag. After find a bag in each section, one of the kids from your team would run the bag to team Mom. Once you gathered all 3 bags, you could then put your puzzle together. Our last bag was quite difficult to find. We even got help from the other teams to search for it.

Furiously digging for puzzle pieces

Reago running the pieces to me of our first found bag.

Dig, Dig, Dig!!!

We may have lost, but we're still smiling :)

Next challenge...

The guys had to hold a water jug on their heads while the kids "tried" to fill it up with small cups of water.

Challenge #3....

Each dad was hand cuffed to one of their kiddos. Us Momma's were given a rope that consisted of LOTS of knots. In order to win, we had to untie all the knots (which held the key at the very bottom) & run to unlock the hand cuffs.

Happy to report, we WON this challenge!!

The afternoon was spent enjoying more fun times at the boardwalk.

 Reagao & Jax rode the Pepsi truck ride together.

Cotton Candy, a definite boardwalk must!

We had to share a funnel cake. And, it was darn good!

Nacho night

I thought this was too cute. Uncle Eric on his Ipad & Reago on her "Ipad" (Vtech Innotab).

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