Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hodgepodge Delight

Here's what we have been up to the last few weeks....

Just a sweet little Jackson Boy

We had one of our Tuesday Mornings at Laura's house & canned apricot jam. Reagan was such a great helper. She put an apron on & got to work pitting.

Sister Dianne, from church, gave me some cinnamon chips a while back & I hadn't decided on the perfect recipe to use them in until now. I pulled out my Pioneer Woman cookbook & test her Cinnamon Scones which were SO.GOOD. that I made them again when my parents came to visit.

Laura sent us home with a big bowl of mashed apricots, so I put them to use & made more jam. This time super easy freezer jam.

Just a spontaneous project I decided to do

One morning, I took 3 sheets from an IKEA paper roll & taped them to the table outside. I put paints in an egg holder & let the kids go at it. I think they had fun :) :) :)

We had a great few days of nice weather, so we enjoyed our evening meals outside

We've been staying in touch with a couple of preschool Moms & went over to Joshua's house for a lunch/swim date.

After that play date, I knew we needed to get a good decent size pool of our own.

{Jax had a little meltdown, but he's so darn cute!}

Papa & Mimi came for a special visit. We met them at our current favorite spot, High Hand, for an always delicious lunch. Afterward they took Reago for a movie date to see Brave {oh, & eat lots of popcorn & m&m's}. She loved the movie & enjoyed telling us ALL about it when they got back. Especially the part about the scary bear.

We had quite the feast for dinner. Earlier in the morning, I used Bobby Deen's baby back rib rub recipe. AMAZING! The ribs marinated all day & only took 45 mins on the bbq. NO OVEN. Just 45 mins on the bbq & they are GOOD.TO.GO. Finger licking good I tell you! Alongside, we had Paula Deen's loaded potato skins, basil/mozzarella/tomato skewers, & homemade biscuits with fresh mixed berry & apricot jams.

Oh, just dessert ;-)

The scones make their appearance again.

After church on Sunday, we had lunch at La Provence. More good food & great company.

3 Generations

I caught these munchkins having a sweet moment :)

Keeping cool at the Fountains

Reagan is very into ballet dancing {dancing in general}, putting her princess dress on EVERY night after bath, & taking care of her babies

We have a garden. I'll keep you updated.

We had been given a lot of almonds & what better than a almond pesto for chicken pasta.

Tuesday Morning being spent perusing the Farmer's Market where we picked up some fresh kettle corn. Then headed over to the toy store to play with Madison & Levi.

Stopping for a snack at Whole Foods. Did you know that if you spend $10, you get a free item for your kid (has to be less than $2). These yogurts, FREE!

Reagan's hair has gotten very long. I've been playing around with it. Testing out hairstyles for preschool. I thought this was cute. Looks like a bow.

4th of July

The ribs & potato skins were such a hit that we knew we must make them for 4th of July.

Enjoying homemade ice cream sandwiches. Cake box cookies {I used chocolate & added white chocolate chips} & vanilla ice cream smushed between.

Hubby reading the Declaration Of Independence. I think he's making this a tradition.

Papa & Grammy brought sparklers & a couple of fireworks. The kids loved it!

And, just a couple of randoms.

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