Friday, August 3, 2012

Crow doesnt' taste so good.

I've been MIA for what looks to be, about a month. There's reason for that. I thought I had this parenting thing down. Guess what!? It's not exactly how I planned/imagined.

Before having kids I "knew" that as long as I spanked my kids, they would just listen & be well behaved. HA HA HA! Big joke on me.

Parenting has been pretty easy up to now (the last couple of months). And, when I say easy... not a piece of cake but nothing that I couldn't handle or work together through with the hubby.

I've come to realize parenting is like a BIG game of UNCLE. You know, the game where someone tortures you until you scream UNCLE! Well my kiddos just love this game. These sweet little precious children of mine like to push, push, & push some more until they have grated on Mom's every last nerve.

Some of you will read this & think that I am over exaggerating or am crazy. Just.WAIT. You will get there. Maybe at a different degree, but sure enough YOU will have your moment(s) & if you don't well, I guess you have saint children. On the flip side, there are others who looked at me & thought "Oh, HONEY!"

So the last few weeks Jax has been running me ragged & sweet miss Reagan can have quite the sassy mouth. There was a specific day where I was at my limit. I racked my brain thinking of ways to positively address these situations. There was one day during that same week when Braden got home & I had to have him take Jax because I was just angry. I don't want to be an angry Mom. I don't want to be angry at my kids. I want to have fun & dote on them, which is most days thankfully.

I took the kids to Michael's where we picked up supplies for a sticker chart {for Reagan} & some inexpensive crafts as rewards. She can earn a sticker for things like making her bed, cleaning up her room, setting the table, helping others, etc. When she gets 5 stickers she earns a trip to the craft bag where she gets to pick a special project to do like paint a bird house, make jewelry, do a princess puzzle, paint, etc. When she gets 30 stickers she gets to do a special thing with Mommy or Daddy like get a mani/pedi, go to ice cream, go see  a movie, pick our a movie, etc.

I've found the sticker chart to help a lot. She's much more compliant in helping out or cleaning up her room without excessive whining or complaining.

As for Jax, I am still a work in progress with disciplining him. I have to admit, HE'S TOUGH. He is constantly on the go, getting into things, climbing, hitting, & banging. I swear he has short term memory. I will spank him & within a half hour later he will turn right back around to do the SAME EXACT THING. These are things like getting into a drawer in our room, taking q-tips out of the bathroom, climbing in the toy grocery cart to reach something, etc. I haven't figured out if it's a boy thing or 2nd child thing, but either way.... it's tiring.

I have to remind myself, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

Aside from working through these trying moments, we have been busy having lots of fun this past month...

 Braden used the rootbeer quit we got him for Father's Day. It was delicious! A little yeasty, but GOOD. I'm thinking about getting the refill pack.

While Reago helped Daddy with the root beer, I put together a couple of batches of Pioneer Woman's enchiladas.

A play date at the Aquatics Center with our friends {Laura, Alexis, Madison, & Levi)

 LOTS of cuteness
 Trying on his tux for Bri's wedding
Testing out the potty. He's gone pee pee 3 times & #2 once.
Got our free Starbucks.
Working on her earned crafts.

Spent a morning perusing Ikea with Jax while Reagan got to have fun in the kids day care. Afterward we went upstairs for a cheap lunch.

We went to a princess birthday party for Janna's (my college roommate) niece Maddison.

Family date night, enjoying good food at Chicago Fire.

Lunch date & shopping with Emily & Hannah

Oh Jax!

Play time at the Fountains.

Took the kids for a special breakfast treat.

Reagan & I got to go to dinner & see the Little Mermaid with Grammy & Sister Dianne. It was fantastic & I would love to go see it again with my beautiful girlie girl. We had SO much fun!

 Miss Reagan looked like Sophia Grace & Rosie (the girls who are on the Ellen Show).

Papa Richard bought Reagan a Hello Kitty cake pop set. I think they turned out pretty cute :) They definitely tasted good!

The weather had been cooler a few weeks ago, hence the roast. The house smelled divine.
A tuckered out boy.
 More time spent at the Fountains.

Reagan started a ballet/tumbling/tap class. She is such a great listener. I truly enjoy watching her.

MiMi came to visit with us for a few days. The kids really enjoyed taking Contessa on morning walks.

We took a trip to the Farmer's Market at the Fountains, had lunch at San Fran Boudin, & did a little shopping.

On one of the days that MiMi was here, we met Sister Dianne for lunch at La Provence.

My Mom gave Braden & I a date night. And, what do you know!? We went to sushi. Yum!
We stopped over at the mall so I could look for a dress for Bri's shower. No luck. BUT, we did have a delicious nutella crepe.

While my Mom was here we made another trip to Ikea. Got a cute flower night light for Reagan a Swedish meatball dinner for later use.

This is what happens when you have an older sister. {the marker was ALL his doing}

I asked Reagan if she wanted to help me make Avalanche Bars & she came prepared for the job.

Less eating, more stirring :)

Morning play time

Hubby picked me up a chocolate shake & you better believe the kids were all over it.

Reagan's back to school kicks. I LOVE them. 

Bri's bridal shower was last Saturday & it turned out great! Here is part of her gift from Reagan & I. It's a compilation of my favorite recipes in clear sleeves, some conversion charts, extra recipe cards, & special notes.

 Ashley {Bri's cousin & one of the bridesmaids} wore the same dress as me. Great minds think a like.

I was in charge of pin the lips on the groom. I had a big poster printed of Richard & ordered lip stickers off of Amazon. I brought one of Braden's ties as a blind fold. What a cute game!

Earlier in the day, before the shower, Reagan & I met MiMi for lunch at Bravo Farms near her house. Reagan & I drove down in the morning by ourselves & made the trip back home after the bridal shower. Lots of driving, but well worth it.

After church on Sunday, our usual group had lunch over at the park {where Jax's 1st birthday party was held}

Making rice krispy treats.

Took our lunch over to the Fountains.
 Keeping cool at the Aquatics Center.

 Getting a well needed hair cut just in time for preschool.
 Precious boy.

Awww... these two :)

I scored a couple of freebies this week.

One being a medium blended or iced beverage from Pete's Coffee. I opted for the Mocha Freddo, saved myself $4.30 :)

Did some back to school shopping for Reagan.

It's going to be another busy month. Looking forward to more wedding festivities, play dates, & preschool preparation.

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