Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh August, you've come & {almost} gone...

Early on in the month, Braden & I went out on a date to see Dark Knight Rises & tried out a new restaurant, Source. The movie was great & everything we had at dinner was excellent & very delicious.
dropping the kids off at Papa Dave & Grammy's

That morning Braden had to work & when I walked into the kitchen this is what I found. A white bag with a simple, sweet "Love you!" & inside held fresh donuts (one being a BIG apple fritter for ME :) ).

And, before date night, my girlie girl & I were off to a beautiful baby shower for my friend Ellen.

We were sent home with these adorable favors & let me just say, the cookies were SO GOOD!

A few weeks ago, my sweet cousin, Kristi, sent both kiddos a pair of boots. Reagan absolutely adores hers & loves that they light up like a princess.
The other night Jax was insistent on wearing his to church Wednesday evening.

A few quick snap shots of my handsome boy.
This is what happens when you have an older Sister

Ikea has it right. Can we get one at home!?
We are done with ballet/tap at Tricks & are going to be starting a new session at a studio in the next couple of months.

Instead of just pinning, pinning, pinning.... I've made an effort to try out recipes that I post to my boards. The kids LOVE these carrot zucchini muffins & I am happy to fill them up with some veggies at snack time.

We had a family date night. The kids each got their own Thrifty's ice cream cone & we rented a couple of movies, Pocahontas & Mirror Mirror.

Mommy & Daddy with Miss Reagan before church.

The kids and I were suppose to meet Laura & the twins at the Aquatic Center. Unfortunately, they were closed so we all headed over to a spray park. The kids had a ball!

Last Wednesday, after church, we went out with Papa Dave & Grammy for ice cream. Look at that sundae!! Jax was in pure sugar overload heaven.

Play date with Laura & the twins at the mall's new outdoor play ground.

This week, we made play dough for the first time EVER. Reagan likes to call it Pluto :) They had so much fun & I couldn't believe how long it kept the two of them occupied.

They opted to play again today & I was able to sneak in a shower.

Just some Jackson cuteness.

My love bugs.

My little ones LOVE the dentist. Granted, we only go every 6 months. They still get excited when I say we are going. NO FEAR. Thank goodness! I think it might have something to do with this free carousel that they rode about 6 times in a row.

She did so great getting her x-rays done.

Ready to get checked out.

Balloons help too :)

 Some mid-morning painting. And yes, that's a big spot of paint on the wall thanks to Jackson boy. Good thing we only buy washable.

 They thought they were hot stuff this afternoon when the ladies at the fruit stand let them go behind the counter & eat their grapes.

 Looking forward to their upcoming birthdays & preschool starting.

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