Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Reago!!

Happy 4th Birthday to our beautiful, vibrant, & sweet Reagan.

This post is being written a few days early due to knowing that I will be having WAY too much fun celebrating with my girlie girl on her actual birthday.

This year we aren't having a big party. My Mother-In-Law graciously opened up her home to have a family party on Saturday evening. Perfect. A quaint gathering of my most favorite people & those who love Reagan the most. We will still party with a pinata, special cake made by Reago & myself, good food, games, & great company.

Earlier in the week we had our own little photo session, but first a McDonalds lunch because {of course} it's her week.

My toddler girl is starting to look much more like an older girl. She is losing the baby in her face.

I get this forced smile a lot & yet, it's still SO cute!

This little girl is amazing & has the sweetest little heart. I have loved watching her grow into a 4 year old over the last year. So many changes. Her choice of food is evolving & she has picked up a love for coloring & painting.

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