Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday FUN

Lately, I feel like I have been on a high. {It may have something to do with celebrating both of my littles birthdays within a week of eachother.}

I catch myself stopping & thinking these are the moments that make all of the rough patches worth it.

I was telling one of my girlfriends this morning, that the kids have been really good & I was remembering back a month ago when I would be at my wits end.

I've learned life comes in phases. There are the good. The indifferent. And, the REALLY good. Right now we are somewhere between indifferent & REALLY good. And, I like it.

There has been lots of fun happenings around here.

*side note* Reagan & Jax's birthdays are 8 days a part. 

As I stated in a previous post, we didn't do big parties this year, but our kids were extremely spoiled/blessed by both of our families. I enjoyed the change of pace.

Reagan's 4th Birthday 

Reagan was a great helper in making her cake. She chose to have a blue & pink layer & in between those were fun fetti cake.

The night before her birthday, we celebrated with the WHOLE family (Uncle Jeff & Aunt Sandy, Aunt Susie, Uncle Eric & Aunt Ash, Griff & Piper, Papa Dave & Grammy, & Papa Richard & Mimi) at Papa Dave & Grammy's house.

Grammy made Reagan's favorite meal, hamburgers :)

Grammy put together some really fun games for the kids. This one was a go fishin' for candy & there was another one where they got to go fishin' for money. That was a BIG hit!

Jax got to open a couple of early gifts. He got a dump truck (that he constantly plays with) from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Sandy, a play dough set (that he graciously shares with his sister) from Aunt Susie, & a super cool Cars scooter from cousins Griffin & Piper.

She loves her Brave costume from Papa Dave & Grammy. They even got her a Brave dolly to match.

Jax testing out Reagan's new scooter, from Uncle Eric & Auntie Ashleigh, while his was being put together.

Mimi had given us a pinata (ALL the way back at Easter time) & this was the perfect occasion to use it for.

On her actual birthday morning, we celebrated with a french toast casserole, sausage {her favorite}, & fresh fruit. She even got to have some hot chocolate (a special treat ).

We got her a Melissa & Doug bead set, Cinderella backpack with her name embroidered for preschool, a Cinderella canteen, & a Rapunzel light up wand.

After church, we went with Papa Richard & Mimi to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. She LOVES the chicken gnocchi soup.

Reagan & Papa Richard the day before her birthday. We had gone out to lunch at La Provence.

Papa Richard & Mimi got her some super cute clothes for preschool/Disneyland trip & a gorgeous scalloped "R" pillow for her new girlie bed.

We had a fun weekend with both sets of family. We are really blessed that everyone is close, not only in distance but in friendship.

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

We were so happy that my parents got to come back up the following weekend for Jax's birthday.

Friday evening we all (Papa Dave & Grammy, Auntie Ash, Griff, Piper, Papa Richard & Mimi, & Us) went to the Barnum & Bailey Circus. I have known since Reagan was a wee thing, that we would have to go one of these days. Our last name IS Barnum :)

Let me tell you, we had a total BLAST!!

We got there over an hour early to enjoy some of the pre-show events. Reagan & Jax got to see the elephants, lions, & tigers up close. And, then we went & watched a couple of pre-show acts that included an elephant, a clown, poodles, etc.

Reagan enjoyed some dancing.

When I had previously talked to our family about going to the circus, the tickets were $57 a piece! And, I wasn't really willing to fork over $250 for a night at the circus. BUT, patience pays off.

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend Laura passed along a coupon & I picked up another coupon {offering a different kind of discount} at Jax's haircut place. Our family of 4 only paid $36 ALL TOGETHER for tickets. Jax ended up being free (his birthday wasn't till Monday, so he was under 2), Reagan's ticket was $10, & each of ours were $13. What a steal for the AMAZING time that we had!!

Such a FUN night spent with great people.

The next morning, we had a big breakfast... cinnamon swirl french toast (bread provided by Trader Joes), cranberry orange scones (once again, TJ), zucchini/mushroom/Parmesan scrambled eggs, homemade hash browns (courtesy of the hubby), & fresh fruit.

Jax got to open his gifts from Papa Richard & Mimi. He got some fun shirts for our Disneyland trip & some cool Home Depot kids tools that make noise (leaf blower & chain saw), & a toy gun. Little dude loves tools & anything with a motor. He was a happy boy!

On Monday (his actual birthday), I made him chocolate chip waffles. I had them all made & ready to go shortly after 7 & that bubba slept in until 8:00!! I guess turning 2 wears you out.

Later in the day, we met Daddy at {the kids' choice} McDonald's for lunch. Jax & Reagan were thrilled to go & had a good time playing at the indoor structure. Of course, they didn't want to leave.

That evening, Papa Dave & Grammy came over for dinner, cupcakes {Daddy picked up a half dozen of Icing on the Cupcake}, & to let Jax open his gifts. I kept it simple with Costco pork tamales, rice, beans, chips, salsa, & guacamole.

Papa Dave & Grammy got him a really fun interactive lawn mower. We also let him open up his presents from us... a t-ball set, Cars canteen, & Home Depot kids nail gun. For the finale, Grammy pulled out their other gift from the guest bedroom... a vintage red/black/silver Schwinn trike. Now Jackson boy doesn't have to ride his sister's purple radio flyer. He has his own cool trike :)

Thank you to everyone who made their birthdays so special. It meant a lot to us.

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That Brave costume is just too cute, can't get over the wig! Oh and I love your purple dress!