Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Happiest Place of Earth.

This year we decided to add a couple of extra days to our Disneyland trip making it 5 days instead of 3. I wasn't sure what I would think about that.... too long? I have to say, I would do it all over again. 5 days was perfect. We got to do so much! Having those extra days helped us feel more relaxed & not rushed to get everything crammed in.
We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel which was a few blocks from the gates of Disneyland. We bought tram tickets, but actually never used them {except for the one time when Braden had to make a trip to the urgent care}. We walked every morning at opening & walked back every evening at closing. We never once came back to the hotel to take naps.
This was our first day, can't you tell we are excited!! 



Reagan looks a little unsure of the Finding Nemo submarine ride. I have to admit, it's not one of my favorites. I don't so much enjoy the tight confined space.

Our hotel stay included a $100 gift card to their eateries. Reagan enjoyed a pancake & sausage breakfast with hot coco{a special treat}.

Getting ready to head out for some primping at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

We had a little before our Ariel's Grotto reservation so we took a quick ride on The Little Mermaid. That ride is so beautiful!

If you have a little girl, Ariel's Grotto is a MUST. We went last  year & it is up there with my top 3 places to eat. The food is excellent, the service is amazing, & you get to take photos with 5 princesses without standing in a 45 minute line. Everyone there is super friendly. I HIGHLY recommend.

We got to check out the new Car's Land & to be honest, I was not impressed. There were 3 rides. One of them neither of the kids could ride, one was cute, & the one pictured below was a total bust. Someone passed along 2 fast passes to us, so Braden & I did get the opportunity to ride the race cars. They were... okay. It wasn't worth the wait of those not in the fast pass line standing there for over an hour.

Day 3

Lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace

The two of them got to have special seats riding in the front of the monorail.

It's A Small World

Mickey Mouse Club House Show

My parents gave Braden & I a date night on Wednesday. We went to the same place as last year {so GOOD!}, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. We even ordered the same except we switched out the chocolate bread pudding for some hot powdered sugared beignets & a hot cup of coffee for me :)

{side note: I love beignets so much & was thrilled when I came across a box to make them today at World Market}

 Day 4

Strolling to the Disneyland gates

When I booked this trip {about 8 months ago}, I knew there were 3 places that we definitely had to eat at. Blue Bayou was top on that list. Our reservation was for Thursday, so every time we went on Pirates of the Caribbean I would tell Reagan, "See that area? That's where we are going to be eating." We got to eat right next to the water. It was really dark, so my photos didn't turn out great, but the atmosphere was fantastic. Before we even got there, I had made up my mind to get the Monte Cristo {my absolute favorite!}. There was plenty of food & everything was tasty.

We had to have one of those BIG fluffy gooey cinnamon rolls before the week was over. Lucky us, we got two :)

This is about as close as Jax got to Minnie & then he bucketed out of there.

Reagan got chosen to be a part of the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy. Not that I'm biased or anything, but she was the cutest little pink tutu wearing ponytail big bow sporting Jedi Knight.

We love the all you can eat ribs at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ. After having lunch here last year, we knew we'd have to drop in again.

On our way out, we made perfect timing to catch the Christmas parade. The kids had fun running around while we waiting for it to start & once it did they both were so excited. Jax kept trying to look around the corner & would say, "Mo?" (more).

On the way home, these two were tuckered out from a magical week at Disneyland.

I am eager to go back next year.

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