Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve

It has now become a tradition that on Christmas Eve my sweet in laws come over to celebrate Christmas. Last year we did breakfast & this year we had a dinner. It just depends on what day Christmas falls on & everyone's work schedule. I have really embraced this tradition. I am liking how our Christmas celebrations have fallen into place.... get together with my side of the family sometime before Christmas, have the in laws over on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning just the 4 of us, & Christmas afternoon spent with Braden's family. I'm sure it won't always fall in this order, but for now, it works.

I kept it pretty simple & made my Cheddar Crusted Chicken Pot Pie accompanied by a salad. I didn't end up making any dessert because we had so many treats left over & Grammy brought over her yummy iced sugar cookies {which I may have eaten one too many}.

And, on special occasions the kids get to have a fancy drink.

The kids had some more fun opening presents. Braden & I both said we could have easily been done with the presents after all of the spoiling they got from both sides of our family. They are definitely blessed.

Reagan is super excited to go see the theater production of Beauty & The Beast while decked out in her new Beauty gown & crown. Part of my present was a ticket to go. I am thrilled to get to join in on the fun. It's always nice to have something to look forward to.

Looking forward to a date night enjoying tasty food & a good movie with my hubby.

Jax has been having a great time playing with his new manly bbq.

It is tradition in our home that the four of us exchange jammies on Christmas Eve. The kids got matching pj's from us & Bra & I exchanged ours later in the evening. He always get me a cute set from Victoria's Secret.

This year we remembered to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn so that Rudolf could find his way to our house so Santa could bring them their presents.

Reagan & Jax picked out cookies for Santa & we poured a glad of milk for him to wash them down.

Bra & I exchanging our pj's. He did good :)

After an enjoyable evening with Papa Dave & Grammy & Reagan waking up crying because she couldn't sleep & said she didn't need any toys because she opened her eyes in her room.... Santa got to work finishing up the train set for Jax.
Thankfully Reagan's S-A-N-T-A toys were put together previously by Papa Dave & Bra as well as the train table base. All that was left was the train set... well let me tell you, you'd think that would be easy? Not so much! It was late. We were tired. And, about 2 hour later at 1:00 am IN THE MORNING it was done. Even with the frustration, it turned out perfect. I am grateful for a hubby who worked hard to finish it up & didn't complain. Because, at one point I was ready to throw my hands up, cry, & go to bed.

Stockings filled & S-A-N-T-A gifts ready to go. Now if only I could have slept easy... No, just like my 12 year old self, I was eager for {in this case} my munchkins to wake up & see their gifts.

Christmas morning & Christmas afternoon COMING SOON.

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