Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pre Christmas Celebrations

Somehow, it feels like Christmas came & went in a flash. I have to admit, {last}Wednesday when I got in my car I felt a twinge of sadness when I realized there would be no more Christmas music. All good things must come to an end & prepare way for new ones (hubby's birthday this weekend).

We had 4 different family celebrations. The first started off the few days right before Christmas at Papa Richard & Mimi's. We drove down Friday night & woke up Saturday morning to a fresh blueberry pancake breakfast made by Papa Richard & little munchkins eager to open presents.

MiMi's house is always decorated so beautiful. She had a lovely holiday tea set ready for the kids to have a tea party with Auntie Cecie & all of the stockings were hung "with care".

One of my favorite things about going to my parents during the holidays is, that I get my very own stocking filled with goodies just for ME. It's like being a little kid again & I secretly (well not so secret anymore) enjoy it every year.

Reagan had been asking for a Little Mermaid costume & fell in love with one that her friend Hannah's mommy had made at Halloween. Auntie Cecie got creative & got Reago a Ariel dress up skirt & a training bra. Okay okay.... so your thinking, "a training bra!?" Don't worry. Later in the day, Auntie Cecie & Reagan took a trip over to Hobby Lobby to get "shell boobies" & sparkles. They came home & got to work decorating. The result was too cute!

We had a non-traditional Christmas meal & it was spectacular. Papa Richard & MiMi order an array of 3 different delicious sandwiches, corn chowder, a goat cheese & fig salad, & a scrumptious assortment of tasty treats for dessert.

My Christmas present from my parents was a gorgeous Coach purse & some money which I used to get a Coach wallet. I LOVE them!

In the afternoon, Papa Richard took Reago for a movie date to see Monster's Inc.

Earlier in the day, I picked up a high back booster seat. She was super happy to move into a bigger girl car seat.

Oh, & this is just me sporting the new beanie I got in my stocking :) Reagan & I have matching ones & the boys got matching grey ones. They will be great for our snow trip in a couple of weeks

Our weekend was so lovely & relaxing.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, & Christmas Day all coming soon. Stay tuned...

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